TAM Reacts to A Visit From JCVD

With each passing weekend, the narrative of Team Alpha Male (TAM) broadens and deepens, with no signs of ever bottoming out. Recently, the iconic MMA squadron from Northern California, which is quickly becoming a global phenomenon, was infused with the knowledge of a legend in the realm of martial arts, Jean Claude Van Damme (JCVD).

Of course, martial arts was the springboard for JCVD’s launch into the cinematic limelight, yet his expertise in hand-to-hand combat is continually sought out by those participating in a modern-day version of Bloodsport. For many members at TAM, the visit from JCVD, as they displayed on their social media outlets, was a powerful, and memorable, experience.

Even Urijah Faber, the founder of TAM with a coveted place in MMA’s archives, packaged his time with JCVD as an opportunity to learn.

Though TAM has successfully reached into many corner of the globe, it’ll be interesting to witness the team’s future development after receiving lessons, for both in the cage and out, from JCVD.


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