Epic Fighting 36: Team Alpha Male vs. Jackson Wink MMA

Five of Team Alpha Male’s amateurs will load up the team bus and travel to the southern tip of California to meet the best that Jackson Wink MMA has to offer at Epic Fighting 36.

Epic Fighting, an all amateur MMA promotion housed in San Diego, has been experimenting with the concept of pitting one team against another. On November 10, 2017, Team Alpha Male, the elite squadron from Northern California, will assess where they fall in the pecking order of world class gyms by releasing their developing prospects from the nest to face New Mexico’s Jackson Wink MMA.

The representatives from Team Alpha Male include: David Klingsheim at flyweight, Amir Kazemi at bantamweight, Moses Daniyelyan at featherweight, Kaleio Romero at lightweight, and Daniel Zaragoza at middleweight.

If you’re unable to attend the Four Points Sheraton, pay close attention to the aftermath because in the last installment of Epic Fighting, the results were memorable. For instance, Kaleio Romero, in his first fight flying Team Alpha Male’s flag, suplexed his opponent into an unconscious state.

For tickets to and more information about Epic Fighting 36, go to: www.epicfighting.com.


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