GKO 11: Results & Recap

November 4, 2017—The Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort’s Grand Oak Ballroom was a dense forest of fight fans, from the first bell to the last, for the latest installment of Global Knockout (GKO)—GKO 11.

Main Event: Tyler Diamond vs. Emilio Chavez for the vacant GKO Featherweight Title

GKO’s front office reminded Northern California: there’s still plenty of gold in the hills of Jackson, and Team Alpha Male’s Tyler Diamond was the ideal featherweight to go mining for it against Emilio Chavez in the main event.

Diamond’s followers sparkled from their seats, raining down disgust for Chavez—the visitor—and deafening cheers for the native of Oroville. The volume pounded eardrums, setting the tempo for the beating Diamond was about to deliver.

From the moment the bell released Chavez and Diamond from their corners, each left their good intentions behind. Diamond hurled explosive punches at Chavez, but the length of Chavez kept him just outside of Diamond’s crosshairs. When Diamond grasped hold of Chavez in a clinch, he dragged his opponent to the canvas and buried him like a bone.

Diamond attempted to secure a rear naked choke, but Chavez was able to squirm somewhat free. Like a schoolyard bully, the twenty-six year-old stud didn’t reset the position of his arm around Chavez’s neck; instead, he squeezed harder. Chavez soon sensed the walls closing in around him and conceded.

GKO 11 Performances of the Night

The executives at GKO huddled up at GKO 11’s conclusion to determine which mixed martial artists’ performances stood heads-and-shoulders above the remainder of the pack. Selections for performance bonuses included:

Fight of the Night: Erick Sanchez vs. Julian Erosa






Submission of the Night: Jack Duffy







TKO of the Night: Julian Erosa






TKO of the Night: Sinjen Smith







GKO 11’s results:

Tyler Diamond defeated Emilio Chavez by way of bulldog choke in round 1 (2:58).

Julian Erosa defeated Erick Sanchez by way of TKO in round 2 (4:36).

Jamall Emmers defeated Chris Avila by way of unanimous decision.

Nohelin Hernandez defeated Cristian Giovannie by way of split-decision.

Sinjen Smith defeated Aaron Hamilton by way of TKO in round 1 (3:43).

Jack Duffy defeated Jeremy Murphy by way of rear naked choke in round 1 (:51)

Justin Cornell defeated Anthony Tsakopoulos by way of split-decision.

Jamie Thorton defeated Mercedez Campos by way of guillotine in round 1 (3:22).

GKO plans to return with GKO 12 on March 24, 2018.


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