War FC 1: Preview

On November 18, a battleground will be constructed and blood is expected to fertilize the soil when War Fighting Championship releases two amateur mixed martial artists at a time from their corner to collide with the force of an atom bomb in the heart of the Modesto Centre Plaza.

As posted at camomma.org (link here), War FC 1 includes:

Richard Treas vs. TBD in the heavyweight division

Ron Monahan vs. Nicholas Jurich in the cruiserweight division

Ryan Yates vs. TBD in the cruiserweight division

Salvador Martinez vs. Jared Velasquez in the middleweight division

Aaron Jimenez vs. Ismael Carranza in the middleweight division

Andres Villanueva vs. Edgar Rivera in the lightweight division

Chris Mitchell vs. Nicholas Sanchez in the lightweight division

Jerome Auttrey vs. TBD in the featherweight division

Shane Torres vs. Raul Godinez in the bantamweight division

Laura Anderson vs. Amanda Preciado in the bantamweight division

Nathan Gresham vs. David Vu in the flyweight division

Mike Tubera vs. Erick Pierre in the flyweight division

For more information and tickets to War FC 1, go to: www.eventbrite.com/e/war-fc-1-tickets.


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