NorCal MMA’s Preview of 51 Fifty Fight Night 2

The first installment of 51 Fifty Fight Night was such a crazy night of amateur MMA action; the only logical thing to do: host round two on November 4, 2017—51 Fifty Fight Night 2.

From inside the 51 Fifty Fitness Center in Livingston, California, a C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) licensed referee will act as a guidance counselor as fourteen couples try to work through their issues with one another.

According to (link here), the fight card at 51 Fifty Fight Night 2 includes:

James Porter vs. Joseph Cardoso in the middleweight division

Ricky Galvez vs. Kail Melton in the super heavyweight division

Philip Hattersley vs. Matt Reed in the lightweight division

Jesse Vazaquez vs. David Tuikolongahau in the light heavyweight division

Laura Anderson vs. Maritza Sanchez in the bantamweight division

Ryan Attebery vs. Elisha Soliz in the flyweight division

Michael Gomez vs. Frederick Doherty in the flyweight division

Tristan Palmer vs. Andrew Silva in the lightweight division

Sergio Saldana vs. Drew Smock-Davis in the lightweight division

Ernie Juarez vs. Conor Stanley in the lightweight division

TBD vs. Adhley Thiner in the flyweight division

Anthonie Taylor vs. Gavin Sheehan in the flyweight division

Joseph Robinson vs. Ethan Ama in the lightweight division

James Ramos vs. Byron Creamer in the featherweight division

For information about how to purchase tickets to 51 Fifty Fight Night 2, visit:


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