Panda Cup: Results & Recap

The spirit of a Homecoming rally filled Casa Roble High School’s gymnasium on October 28, 2017, but, unlike the popularity contest for royalty, the combatants at Panda Cup, both youth mixed martial artists and adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, earned their position of king or queen for the night with their hand raised.

Kids MMA

Although several of the youth competitors weren’t old enough to sit in the Orangevale gym during the week, they were wise beyond their years in bravery: locking themselves in the ultimate sport. At the top of the Kids MMA card, two Panda Cup Titles were handed out.

Kids MMA results:

Estevan Pavoor defeated Joseph Tik by way of unanimous decision.

Jordan Gumpfer defeated Zoey Hahn by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:39).

Zorin Tafoya defeated Marcos Chupin by way of rear naked choke in round 2 (1:56).

Faith Betzhold defeated Danielle Cruda by way of split-decision.

Justin Dobbs defeated Sofia Campos by way of scissor choke in round 1 (1:03).

Cyrus Pavoor defeated Xavier Gower by way of guillotine in round 1 (:48).

Haylie Gumpfer defeated Kyra Bell by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:42).

Ricardo Anguy defeated Xavier Gower by way of unanimous decision.

Zorin Tafoya defeated Justin Dobbs by way of arm bar in round 3 (:37).

Paul Acu defeated Jacob Nguyen by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:17).

Robert Lopez defeated Daniel Arellano by way of unanimous decision.

Harley Patterson defeated Danielle Cruda by way of split-decision.

David Kellogg defeated David Hernandez by way of triangle in round 2 (1:57).

Adult BJJ Super-Fights

Following a rule set similar to that of EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational), eight Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, some draped in a Gi and others not, sought out a limb or neck for the checkmate while playing human chess. Some interesting finishes included: a loop choke, a lapel choke, and a patented guillotine from Anthony Hernandez, an undefeated MMA prospect on the rise.

With only seconds left in regulation, Austin Flowers submitted Nick Dillman using a loop choke:

Jeslen Michelle and Becca Baze set the canvas ablaze with their aggressive style, and Michelle was able to wrap Baze in a lapel choke:

Followers of Anthony Hernandez’s young MMA career have witnessed a first-round guillotine finish in four of his five fights, and the same crushing maneuver forced Toby Staley to tap:

Adult BJJ Super-Fights results:

Ahmed White defeated Cody Bartlett by way of straight arm bar.

Anthony Hernandez defeated Toby Staley by way of guillotine.

Austin Flowers defeated Nick Dillman by way of loop choke.

Austin Hardt defeated Skyler Sousa in overtime.

Jeslen Michelle defeated Becca Baze by way of lapel choke.

Alysia Ortega defeated Kaleigh Burrage in overtime.

Kevin Schnepp defeated Roque Reyes by way of arm bar.

Blake Benson defeated Kevin Sharp in overtime.


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