Panda Cup: Preview

Instead of grappling with how to spend an evening on October 28, 2017, submit to the entertainment of twenty-eight Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, both youths and adults, competing under a submission-only rule-set.

Youth BJJ

The United States Fight League (USFL) hosts numerous outlets for children to assess their abilities, int he midst of live rounds, as martial artists. On this occasion, twenty developing Jiu-Jitsu students will implement their instruction under the microscopic care of the referee and supportive cheers from onlookers.

Adult BJJ Super-Fights

Left with the decision to either tap, nap, or snap, those demonstrating ‘The Gentle Art’ will showcase its dangerous nature at Casa Robles High School, as each squeeze and escape escalates with the thoughtfulness of a blood-thirsty chess master.

Adult BJJ Super-Fights Include:

Ahmed White vs. Cody Barlette

Anthony ‘Fluffy’ Hernandez vs. Toby Staley

Roque Reyes vs. Zack Felkins

Skylar Sousa vs. Austen Hardt

Helen Michelle vs. Becca Baze

Nick Dillman vs. Austin Flowers

Goldie Hanz vs. Nick Sharp

Though the Gi is optional between combatants, the attendance of those within Northern California’s walls should be a mandate. For information about tickets, contact: Anthony Bivins—916-494-4175.


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