Andre Fili: Nailing the Coffin Shut on ‘The Russian Hammer’ at UFC Gdansk

As most mixed martial artists, Andre ‘Touchy’ Fili (16-5) prefers to paint with the viscous life of an opponent, opening their faces with strikes and slathering as many quarts of crimson, even if a little is his own, across the canvas with brutal brushstrokes. The next portrait Fili will attempt to rearrange is that of Artem ‘The Russian Hammer’ Lobov (14-13-1) at UFC Fight Night 118 on October 21, 2017.

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There will be blood.

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In Fili’s last outing—UFC 214 versus Calvin Kattar—the outcome was erased from his recollection after exiting the Octagon, although the result, a unanimous decision loss, was permanently tattooed to his record.

Known as ‘Touchy,’ it must have been difficult for Fili to be touched by inspiration when paired with a relative unknown. Preparing his palette for Lobov in Gdansk, Poland, all the pieces are in place for the product of Team Alpha Male (TAM) to collect a picturesque win.

Many artists may choose to work in solitude, hidden away with their expressive endeavors, but Fili, on the other hand, would opt to surround himself with all his TAM brothers and sisters. Josh Emmett (11-1), a freshly minted featherweight out of TAM, is slated to appear at UFC Fight Night 118; therefore, Fili will feel at home while waging war on the opposite side of the world.

Along with a degree of comfort, Fili also enters his contest with Lobov fueled by vengeance. Back at UFC Fight Night 99, Lobov handed Fili’s teammate, Teruto Ishihara, an unexpected loss.

If Fili executes the exquisite techniques trained at TAM, he’ll have Lobov flat on his back, with the UFC’s bright lights burning down on him, seeing a violent rendition of Starry Night behind his eyelids, and the memorialized member of TAM will return home with a piece of Lobov’s soul to pin to the gym’s wall.


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