Andrew Chavez vs. Kody Vogels at TTC 16

As The Titans Cage (TTC) closes the curtain to September, the all-amateur MMA promotion will open eyes to the caliber of combatant within Northern California’s confines in their upcoming event: TTC 16. Andrew ‘Tap or Nap’ Chavez (5-0) and Kody Vogels (3-0) are scheduled as the TTC Lightweight Championship cherry atop TTC 16’s delightful card, which also offers three other title affairs.

Andrew Chavez

On the road to Chavez’s first challenge for gold in MMA, the undefeated prospect out of MMAGOLD in El Dorado Hills offers his opposition one of two choices: ‘Tap or Nap.’

Having finished four out of five foes by way of submission, the mat has proven to be a second home for Chavez. In his last contest, NorCal Fights Series 5, Chavez required the opening round to locate an ideal place to inject his venom; then, when the bell welcomed the middle frame, he sunk his fangs into his prey, Cody Gutierrez, and squeezed a triangle choke with the might of a boa constrictor.

Kody Vogels

Training amongst an elite squadron at Team Alpha Male, Vogels already envisions himself as the leader of the lightweight pack; thereby, he has a vested interest in claiming the TTC title for validation.

Two of Vogels three thrill-rides were capped by vicious knockouts, creating, what some may claim, the classic striker versus grappler match-up at TTC 16. After examining Vogels’ last outing at TTC 15, he demonstrated an ability to avoid punishment from his adversary, Kenneth Tullgren, on the canvas and masterfully paint his opponent’s face with a bludgeoning brush.


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