Adam Piccolotti: Creating a Channel to Connect

While locked in the confines of competition, Adam Piccolotti (9-0) holds his impenetrable guard high and tight. While visiting the Inside BJJ Podcast (link here) to hype his upcoming fight at Bellator 183 against Goiti Yamauchi (21-3), the undefeated phenom from Half Moon Bay, California opened a direct line to outsiders, inviting anyone willing to subscribe to his YouTube channel, The Bomb MMA (link here), into his life as a professional mixed martial artist.

By creating something as simple as a YouTube channel, Piccolotti believes such a portal will accelerate his career by breaking barriers. He shared with the Stockton-based hosts, “I need to push myself forward. I gotta stand out from the crowd. I don’t want to just be some guy that nobody’s really aware of, even if I am kicking butt. I want to make sure people know who the hell I am, so I’m really trying to take it upon myself.”

Viewers will be granted a unique vantage, both as an educational tool and a means to flourish fanfare. Piccolotti detailed his objective with each video, “What I do on my YouTube channel is a weekly Vlog where I get to show you guys a lot of cool edits from my training, whether it be Jiu-Jitsu, mitt work, [or] a little bit of sparring. I take a moment in each episode to try and educate people on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. It’s for up-and-coming guys or those that aren’t quite sure. I took the cameras with me when I did my pre-fight medicals (see below), stuff people don’t get a chance to see.”


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