The Titans Cage 16: Preview

MMA has spent the last 20-plus years developing as a sport, but Northern California’s fight fans can witness a similar span of growth take place before their eyes inside the McClellan Conference Center at The Titans Cage (TTC) 16.

By collaborating with the United States Fight League (USFL), TTC will close September with an evening of Junior MMA, where youngsters dip their toes into combative waters, and a cast of C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) licensed amateurs, from debutants ready to sink their teeth into the game to a shark-infested finale of four title fights.

According to (link here), TTC 16’s fight card reads as:

Andrew Chavez vs. Kody Vogels for the TTC Lightweight Title

Travis Hyland vs. Andrew Richardson for the TTC Bantamweight Title

Adam Wamsley vs. Bruno Casillas for the TTC Light Heavyweight Title

Arlene Culbreth vs. Kiara Ramos for the TTC Women’s Bantamweight Title

Blake Degmetich vs. Geoffrey Stovall in the middleweight division

Charles Jelks vs. Kyle Koontz in the featherweight division

Carlos Figueroa vs. Josh Dim in the featherweight division

Blake Benson vs. Amir Naser Kazemi in the featherweight division

Daniel Hicks vs. Luke Brewer in the light heavyweight division

Joshua Martinez vs. Douglas Reynolds in the featherweight division

Michael Howard vs. Evan Walters in the flyweight division

Julius Wright vs. Aaron Graf in the lightweight division

Coleman Johns vs. Isaac Thomas in the bantamweight division

Craig Solesbee vs. Jon Garcia in the light heavyweight division

Lucas Espinoza vs. Gabriel Pacheco-Dolce in the welterweight division

Dareld Phillips vs. Adrian Lopez in the bantamweight division

Alexis Bustamante vs. Eric Corter in the lightweight division

Kyle Ferguson vs. Nicholas Sanchez in the lightweight division

Carlos Ortiz vs. Marcus Allmuth in the lightweight division

With a unique assortment of talent to display at TTC 16, you won’t want to miss a single second of action on September 30, 2017. For tickets to TTC’s second stop to the McClellan Conference Center, visit:


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