Izmatik FC 1: Results & Recap

September 9, 2017—Before the ribbon was ever cut to their inaugural show, first attempted to be the worst for Izmatik Fighting Championship.

Even though the card had drastically altered since its inception, the Central Valley of California swarmed to the Merced Fairgrounds for a small sampling of what the all-amateur MMA promotion had to serve. With only a handful of MMA bouts to deliver, Izmatik FC’s head honchos added a pair of grappling matches to warm the evening up. As all good stories come to an end, the heated rivalry between Anthony Howard and Jose Navarro was put into a coma-induced rest in the main event.

NorCal MMA Performances of the Night

Of course, all the athletes who answered the call of their walkout music deserve a blue ribbon for their effort, but only several can be awarded ‘Best In Show,’ otherwise recognized in MMA as: KO of the Night, Submission of the Night, and Fight of the Night.

KO of the Night: Anthony Howard







Submission of the Night: Andrew Robles







Fight of the Night: David Sok and Nigel Archer Jr.







Izmatik FC 1’s results include:

Anthony Howard defeated Jose Navarro by way of KO in round 1 for the Izmatik Strawweight Title.

Andrew Robles defeated Nathan Gresham by way of arm bar in round 1 for the Izmatik FC Flyweight Title.

David Sok defeated Nigel Archer Jr. by way of split-decision.

Daniel Wehner defeated Elisha Soliz by way of rear naked choke in round 2.

Kail Melton defeated Ramiro Hernandez by way of TKO in round 3.

Fredy Mendez defeated Anthony Medina by way of guillotine choke in a grappling match.

Edgar Villapondo defeated Aaron Jimenez by way of toe hold in a grappling match.


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