Adam Antolin Meets Casey Kenney on Episode 8 of DWTNCS

The numbers game in MMA points favorably toward flyweights Adam ‘Captain Chaos’ Antolin and Casey Kenney as viable contenders for the UFC’s roster, and they’ll have an opportunity to earn their position amongst the sport’s elite on Episode 8 Of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contenders Series.

Both of these mixed martial artists are primed to roll the dice on August 29, 2017. Regardless of the outcome, neither athlete is guaranteed to hit the jackpot and sign their name across a UFC contract. Some may perceive this path as an unlikely plausibility; whereas, Antolin (12-3) and Kenney (7-0-1) are aware that an engaging effortsomething they believe they’re more than capable of deliveringwill place them at square one of their arduous climb.

Viewers of the mid-week MMA feature may remember Kenney from its second showing. Although he left The Ultimate Fighter Gym with the win, the twenty-six year old from Arizona didn’t receive the nod into the big leagues. Although Kenney and Antolin never crossed paths at TPF, the two hard-hitting flyweights will be locked in in a wild exchange while featured on UFC Fight Pass.

Antolin’s appearance on DWTNCS will be a return to familiar grounds for the contestant on Season 24 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). In the acclaimed season, entitled Tournament of Champions, the former Tachi Palace Fights Flyweight Champion and member of AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) may have fallen short in the brackets during the reality show, but ‘Captain Chaos’ intends to transform, behind a reputation of refraining from all

Buzzing around the cage while wielding weapons of mass destruction on the ends of their arms and legs, Antolin and Kenney are certain to land on White’s radar after touching the other on the button. Tune-in to Episode 8 of DWTNCS, streamed live on UFC Fight Pass, to unveil whether or not these 125-pounders are shooed back to the local level or ushered into the spotlight.


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