Here Comes TAM’s AMs at Epic Fighting 35

A wave of amateurs from Team Alpha Male (TAM) plan to crash upon San Diego’s shoreline with the force of a tsunami at Epic Fighting 35 on August 18, 2017.

Inside the Four Points Sheraton, Daniel Zaragoza, Andrew Coyne, Luke Folkens, David Klingsheim, Josiah McHale, Amir Nasser Kazemi, and Kaleio Romero will carry the lessons drilled into their muscle memory from many of MMA’s masters under the roof of TAM.

Danny Castillo, TAM’s Wrestling Coach and longtime veteran of the sport, gushed with pride when posting a pre-fight picture of the amateur squadron on his Instagram:

According to (link here), the entire fight card at Epic Fighting 35 reads as:

Ben Bui vs. Frank Garcia in the flyweight division

Timothy Thompson vs. Linus Lau in the lightweight division

Jordan Donals vs. Conrad Sussman in the welterweight division

Joe Young vs. Alberto Fuentes in the featherweight division

Christian Stolp vs. Kaleio Romero in the lightweight division

Daniel Gonzales vs. Amir Nasser Kazemi in the featherweight division

Trevor Wells vs. Josiah McHale in the bantamweight division

TBD vs. David Klingsheim in the flyweight division

Jefferson Creighton vs. Luke Folkens in the welterweight division

Chris Cocores vs. Andrew Coyne in the featherweight division

Douglas Hopson vs. Daniel Zaragoza in the middleweight division

Christian Leon vs. Julio Becerra in the lightweight division

Vincent Scacco vs. Patrick Riley in the middleweight division

Malik Abdulmumin vs. Mario Lopez in the welterweight division

Enrique Marte vs. Jacob Rockymore in the flyweight division

Jeremy Redfern vs. Carlos Sutton in the light heavyweight division

Joshua Gilbert vs. Jesse Marez in the featherweight division

Tyler Schaefer vs. Kiara Ramos in the featherweight division

Raihere Dudes vs. Brandon Fields in the welterweight division

Juliana Miller vs. Mary Almario in the flyweight division


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