Isaiah Gonzalez: KO of the Night at GKO 10

In his sophomore showing as a professional mixed martial artist, Isaiah ‘The Mexipino’ Gonzalez, shattered the realm of possibility as an undefeated fighter, along with his left hand, at Global Knockout (GKO) 10.

Standing at 5’10”, the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) alum has become accustomed to barreling down on his bantamweight opposition from a bird’s eye view. When Gonzalez was locked in GKO’s outdoor arena with Chris Inocencio for GKO 10, any advantage in the height department escaped through the holes in the cage.

Several ticks from the clock disappeared before Gonzalez could unlock the lengthy mystery before him. Approximately one-minute into the opening round, Gonzalez cracked the code with a bone-crushing dose of reality, which chopped Inocencio down to size.

As Inocencio’s body fell flat to the canvas and the crowd rose in a deafening roar, there was little debate amongst GKO’s executives that Gonzalez deserved the accreditation: KO of the Night.

Check out Gonzalez’s award-winning performance on August 5, 2017 and the aftermath of packing such explosive power:


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