209 Beatdown 3: Preview

JR Entertainment returns to the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium on August 19, 2017 to serve an evening of amateur mixed martial arts with a card, entitled 209 Beatdown 3, sure to charm an MMA enthusiast at any level.

Four championship belts balance on baited breath in the third installment of the young promotion. The upcoming event will pair prospects throughout Northern California to emerge with—whether victorious or not—invaluable experience.

According to camomma.org (link here), 209 Beatdown 3’s lineup reads as:

Khai Wu vs. Khari Snowden for the interim 209 Beatdown Featherweight Title

Frank Farmer vs. Brandon Olson for the vacant 209 Beatdown Lightweight Title

Daniel Compton vs. Konosha Saunders for the vacant 209 Beatdown Light Heavyweight Title

Chris Burton vs. David Dzasokhov for the 209 Beatdown Featherweight Title

Anthony Lopez vs. Diego Zuria in the middleweight division

Nick Maximov vs. Nick Davis in the light heavyweight division

Ismael Carranza vs. Keith Cuyno in the middleweight division

Wayne Just vs. Kyle Davalos in the welterweight division

Jarell Thomas vs. Fredy Calvo in the lightweight division

Solomon Valentine vs. Dominic Hill in the lightweight division

Josh Casem vs. Conan Orozco in the featherweight division

Philip Schwartz vs. Erick Pierre in the bantamweight division

David Sok vs. Dareld Phillips in the flyweight division

From VIP tables to floor seats to all the way in the balcony, the venue is stuffed with enthusiasm to push those pursuing their dreams. To reserve a seat of your own, go to: www.eventbrite.com/e/209beatdown-iii-extreme-cage-fighting.


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