Jamie Thorton: The Wait for Strawweight Ends at GKO 10

After experiencing the ugliest possible side of the game in her last visit to the cage, Jamie ‘The Pretty Assassin’ Thorton is eager to return to competition on August 5, 2017 at her natural weight class.

Sandwiched between her previous encounter at GKO 9 and upcoming bout against Team Alpha Male’s Diana Atkin at GKO 10, Thorton found herself on the wrong side of a head kick heard, and seen via social media, around the world.

On Episode 62 of the @norcalfightmma Podcast (link here), the desert dweller from Fort Irwin, California appeared as a special guest and highlighted her readiness to erase such a gut-wrenching loss from her memory.

First, she flashed back to the night when the curtain was closed on her consciousness, “I felt good in the fight,” Thorton recalled. “I felt like I was doing good and everything until: one little mistake of not going all the way and not keeping my hands up, so I got caught with a head kick that knocked me out.”

It took several trips to the vanity and a reciting of ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ for Thorton to, again, flood her veins with the confidence. She continued, “Eventually, I started getting back into it, realizing: it does happen; it’s a fight, and you never know what’s going to happen.” Empty of any desire to peel back the scabbed memory of LFA 9, Thorton assured listeners that history won’t repeat itself during her scrap with Atkin, “What I’d like to do is: not get caught like that again, so my main thing is learning to keep my hands up.”

In Thorton’s previous four outings, she met a 125-pound Goliath at every turn. As a natural strawweight (115-pounds), her excitement about facing someone of equivalent size was palpable. Mixed martial artists on the regional stage struggle to contract fights on regular basis—let alone doing so at their preferred division, especially women. Flashing back to the offers MMA promotions have slid across the table throughout her career, Thorton said, “They [MMA promotions] always say they have a lot 115 fights, and I can never get them. And that’s the weight class I want to be at. That’s my home weight. They’ve even offered me a 145 [fight], and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’”

Without having to battle the bulge of an additional ten pounds, ‘The Pretty Assassin’ awaits a ceremonial glamour shot with her hand raised at GKO 10, regardless of any cuts or bruises that may be accessorizing her face.


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