Dragon House 26: Preview

Whether amateur or professional, each of the mixed martial artists locking themselves inside Zhang Luo’s Dragon House cage—at Dragon House 26 on August 12, 2017—will comprise a finely-crafted segment of the mythological serpent associated with the Bay Area fight promotion.

San Francisco’s Kezar Pavilion, headquarters to Dragon House, will fill its lair with twenty-two pairs of participants for an evening of MMA duels. According to dragonhousemma.com, the fight card at Dragon House 26 includes:


Joseph Vidales vs. Ivan Batinich in the middleweight division

CJ Blackman vs. Marcus Gaines in the light heavyweight division

Sam Temko vs. Kory Kelly in the welterweight division

Jamario Mulder vs. Mike Bravo in the lightweight division

Matthew Ramirez vs. Christian Espinosa in the bantamweight division

James Kirby vs. Rob Tomasello in the heavyweight division

Alex Uribe vs. Brady Huang in the bantamweight division

Luis Vargas vs. Ronny Tsutsui in the lightweight division

Brandon Laroco vs. Diego Bezerra in the featherweight division

Israel Delgado vs. Hugo Lujan in the welterweight division

David Wright vs. Brandon Faumui in the lightweight division

Craig Plaskett vs. Jumoke Hunter in the welterweight division



Kevin Espinoza vs. Carlos Maturana in the lightweight division

Jake Cochrane vs. Jaime Abadam in the bantamweight division

Joseph Corona vs. Brady Green in the lightweight division

Emily Watson vs. Edna Martinez in the flyweight division

Marlon Herrera vs. Giovanni Rosales in the lightweight division

Audrey Reyes vs. Maritza Sanchez in the flyweight division

Emilio Bautista vs. Jason Huang in the bantamweight division

Jontae Bailey vs. Tony Nguyen at a catchweight (140-pounds)

Edrey Casamina vs. Ricardo Lopez in the flyweight division

Israel Garcia vs. Aireon Tavares in the welterweight division

For tickets and more information about Dragon House 26, visit: www.dragonhousemma.com.


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