559 Fights 57: The Preview

Seventeen amateurs in six-ounce gloves and two championship belts walking home with one owner at the evening’s close calculates into a crunching of bones at 559 Fights 57: Mora-Munoz vs. Elizondo, not numbers.

On July 14, 2017, the executives at 559 Fights will stuff their cage at the Visalia Convention Center with the muscular casings of C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts) certified mixed martial artists. At the top of the bill, the C.A.M.O. State Flyweight Champion, Paul Elizondo, and the 559 Fights Flyweight Champion, Jaime Mora-Munoz, seek to unify their straps and create a narrative of supremacy at the amateur ranks of 125-pounds.

According to camomma.org (link here), 559 Fights 57’s fight card includes:

Main Event: Jaime Mora-Munoz vs. Paul Elizondo in the flyweight division

Christian Avalas vs. Brady Wicklund in the welterweight division

Andrew Chatman vs. Renardo Palmer in the heavyweight division

Kathy Solorzano vs. Kiara Ramos in the bantamweight division

Ryan Yates vs. Antonio Jimenez in the heavyweight division

Isaiah Hughes vs. Christian Cross in the welterweight division

Albert Gonzales vs. Jared Velasquez in the middleweight division

Isaiah Rocha vs. Nigel Archer Jr. in the bantamweight division

Anthony Aguilar vs. Samuel Fierro in the flyweight division

Wilton Zigler vs. Carlos Figueroa in the featherweight division

Zachary Linco vs. Alex Orovitz in the middleweight division

Stephen Sandoval vs. Edward Egan in the welterweight division

Jose Carmona vs. Matt Reed in the welterweight division

John Thomas (JT) Hernandez vs. Julius Wright in the lightweight division

Issac Chacon vs. Daniel Garcia in the bantamweight division

Ivan Rodriguez vs. Sun Yoo in the flyweight division

Emilio Rodriguez vs. TBD in the featherweight division

As an all-amateur MMA promotion delivering monthly events, 559 Fights never pushes quantity ahead of quality, and the performances at 559 Fights 57: Munoz vs. Elizondo will, once again, speak volumes in regards to this business tactic. For tickets to this event, go to 559fights.com or live stream it at: FloCombat.com.


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