Keep UFC 214 Super By Pairing Andre Fili With ‘Super’ Sam Toomer

When ‘The Korean Superboy’ Dooho Choi (14-2) fell prey to the injury bug, Andre ‘Touchy’ Fili (16-4) pinched any thought of missing his chance to appear on of the UFC’s most delicious menu of match-ups in 2017—UFC 214: Jones vs. Cormier 2.

Just under three weeks until UFC 214’s opening bell—July 29, 2017—and following the UFC’s highest profile weekend: International Fight Week, Fili, after witnessing Gray Maynard smother his teammate Teruto Ishihara like a wet blanket for fifteen minutes at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 25 Finale, reminded his following of fellow Outcasts & Underdogs, via Twitter, of his desire to surge electrical excitement through pulses—not force flatlines:

Fili isn’t reaching for a ranking nor plotting an outlandish narrative in his search for viable opposition; moreover, the colorful personality out of Team Alpha Male (TAM) will challenge anyone in his respective weight class, but it’s a black or white issue: simply sign the dotted line—or not. As noted in Fili’s response to Artem Lobov, one of Conor McGregor’s cronies, he shouldn’t have to beg those on the UFC’s roster to show up to work:

Known as ‘Touchy’ Fili, it’s not about sensitivity in his reaction to Lobov’s lacking interest, though, based on their job description, that sort of decision defies Fili’s frame of reference. Bloodthirsty illustrates Fili’s present-day mindset, which was highlighted once the name ‘Super’ Sam Toomer (11-1) slipped into his timeline:

Since Toomer’s singular setback while contending for RFA’s Featherweight Title in 2015, he moved his training to El Dorado Hills, and the value of MMAGOLD’s fight team, in terms of knowledge and talent, exponentially spiked. Toomer’s previous pair of bouts displayed an attack on members of TAM, Sacramento’s seemingly unbreakable squadron, with a cancerous venom, defeating Adrian Diaz—Global Knockout (GKO) 7—and Anthony Avila—GKO 9. Before his arrival to MMAGOLD, Toomer groomed much of his craft at Victory MMA in San Diego; therefore, an invitation to the next UFC Pay-Per-View in Anaheim would be a Southern California homecoming of sorts.

The mere mention to Toomer about assessing his skillset against Fili, a proven commodity at the upper-echelon of the UFC’s featherweight division, generated a tremendous roar from within his belly:

With three championship affairs topping UFC 214, the only way to buff an even greater shine into such a stacked card is to book a bout between Toomer and Fili for 145-pound supremacy in ‘The Golden State.’


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