Angel ‘The Dream’ De Anda: Set to Cause A Nightmare on Episode 2 of DWTNCS

Since 2008, Angel ‘The Dream’ De Anda (18-5) has proven to be a hot commodity in Northern California’s middleweight and light heavyweight MMA market. On July 18, 2017, he will have an opportunity to demonstrate to the UFC’s President, Dana White, and those logged in to UFC Fight Pass that he is a nightmare for anyone standing across from him when meeting Dan Spohn (15-5) in Episode 2 of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series (DWTNCS).

Reeling off six victories in a row, claiming the Global Knockout Middleweight Title, and bouncing between 185 and 205-pounds, De Anda probably wondered whether or not he was truly awake, and needed a firm pinch, after receiving the call to appear on DWTNCS. By snatching the GKO strap from Justin Baseman, an experienced vet, at GKO 9 and punctuating, in exclamatory fashion, his last contest in the light heavyweight division at Tachi Palace Fights, TPF 31, over an aggressive, no-nonsense version of Mike Morales, the member of Oakdale’s Last Stand Fight Team became a darker blip on the UFC’s radar.

GKO 9: Angel De Anda vs. Justin Baesman for the GKO Middleweight Championship

TPF 31: Angel De Anda vs. Mike Morales in the light heavyweight division

De Anda’s opponent on DWTNCS is Dan ‘The Dragon’ Spohn (15-5). Spohn has collected numerous belts at 205-pounds in pockets of the United States and Canada, and standing as a skyscraper at 6’4”, he’ll own considerable size over the 5’8” De Anda. Aside from the ‘David versus Goliath’ theme the disparity in stature produces, fight fans can expect De Anda, in hopes of earning a contract to join the UFC’s roster, to swing heavy leather from the first bell inside the intimate atmosphere of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, testing the theory: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Even though the athletes featured on DWTNCS aren’t promised entrance into the sport’s elite promotion, De Anda’s work ethic and patience to reach where he’s at highlights: dreams can become a reality.


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