Fight to Win 38 *Live Updates*

One-by-one, limbs will contort and airways will constrict under a submission-only ruleset when the promotion Fight to Win, at F2W 38, rolls into ‘The Capital City’ on June 30, 2017. Thirty pairs of opponents, some in the traditional BJJ Gi and others not, will find themselves draped in the applause of teammates, fans, and family while tied in knots on the mat, and the black belt competitors in the main event, Caio Terra and Kristian Woodmanse, and co-main event, Dustin Akbari and Gianni Grippo, plan to demonstrate their craft in its elite form.

If you aren’t able to watch live on, keep up with the play-by-play and other live updates of F2W 38 by following along on Twitter: @norcalfightmma.

Fight to Win 38 Results Include:

Main Event: Black Belt Gi Title at 135-lbs.

Caio Terra (Caio Terra Academy) vs. Kristian Woodmanse (Atos BJJ)

  • Results: Terra def. Woodmanse by way of arm bar

Co-Main Event: Black Belt No Gi at 155-pounds

Dustin Akbari (Team Alpha Male) vs. Gianni Grippo (Alliance)

  • Results: Grippo def. Akbari by way of arm bar

Marcos Torregrosa (Yemaso BJJ) vs. Chris Coldiron (Lute Academy) at 170-lbs. Black Belt Gi

  • Results: Torregrosa def. Coldiron by way of arm bar

Paul Nava (Ares BJJ) vs. Sergio Silva (Sergio Silva BJJ) at 195-lbs. Black Belt Gi

  • Results: Silva def. Nava by way of decision

Eliot Kelly (El Dorado Hills BJJ) vs. Luke Stewart (Ralph Gracie BJJ) at 212-lbs. Black Belt No Gi

  • Results: Kelly def. Stewart by way of rear naked choke

Bryan Pangelinan (Sabre Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Felipe Bragiao (Carlson Gracie) at 210-lbs. Black Belt Gi

  • Results: Bragiao def. Pangelinan by way of decision

Jonathan Van Buren (Ares BJJ) vs. Davin Maxwell (Maxwell BJJ) at 155-lbs. Black Belt Gi

  • Results: Maxwell def. Van Buren by way of decision

Raul Diaz (Checkmat BJJ) vs. Darin Cooley (Gracie Fighter) at 160-lbs. Black Belt No Gi

  • Results: Cooley def. Diaz by way of ankle lock

Eduardo Fragga vs. Sam Rice (Rice Bros BJJ) at 210-lbs. Black Belt Gi

  • Results: Rice def. Fragga by way of decision

Shawn Cox (Yemaso BJJ) vs. Romulo Melo (Romulo Melo BJJ) at 175-lbs. Black Belt Gi

  • Results: Melo def. Cox by way of cross choke

Alex Canders (10th Planet) vs. Elias Anderson at 135-lbs. Black Belt No Gi

  • Results: Anderson def. Canders by way of decision

Ricardo Barros (Ricardo Barros BJJ) vs. Billy Ray Chubbs (Checkmat BJJ) at 250-lbs. Black Belt Gi

  • Results: Barros def. Chubbs by way of submission

Rich Bothun (Yemaso BJJ) vs. Andre Silva (Carlson Gracie) at 190-lbs. Black Belt

  • Results: Silva def. Bothun by way of decision

David Mitchell (Team Alpha Male) vs. Richard Flores (Stockton Jiu-Jitsu) at 195-lbs. Brown Belt No Gi

  • Results: Mitchell def. Flores by way of decision

Nicholas Greene (Ralph Gracie) vs. Tony Perez (Nova Geracao) at 195-lbs. Brown Belt Gi

  • Results: Greene def. Perez by way of decision

Julian Flowers (Cassio Werneck) vs. Manny Moreno (Ares BJJ) at 160-lbs. Brown Belt Gi

  • Results: Moreno def. Flowers by way of decision

Chelsi Aguayo (NorCal Fighting Alliance) vs. Courtney Dubois (Stockton Jiu-Jitsu) at 120-lbs. Brown Belt No Gi

  • Results: Aguayo def. Dubois by way of armlock

Benji Silva (Caio Terra Academy) vs. Garrett Aldrich (Gracie Barra) at 190-lbs. Brown Belt Gi

  • Results: Silva def. Aldrich by way of straight knee lock

Kaan Clark (Beda BJJ) vs. Sean Gonsolin (El Dorado Hills BJJ) at 160-lbs. Brown Belt Gi

  • Results: Gonsolin def. Clark by way of decision

Brooke Mayo (Team Alpha Male) vs. Gigi Good (Easton BJJ) at 140-lbs. Purple Belt No Gi

  • Results: Mayo def. Good by way of decision

Andrew Chesmore (Infinite Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Vijay Sama (Maxwell BJJ) at 140-lbs. Purple Belt Gi

  • Results: Chesmore def. Sama by way of decision

Jonathan Tomasian (Strive Martial Arts) vs. Adam Gilbert (Ralph Gracie) at 195-lbs. Purple Belt Gi

  • Results: Tomasian def. Gilbert by way of triangle armlock

Erick Sanchez (Team Alpha Male) vs. Bernard Turner (Yemaso BJJ) at 165-lbs. Purple Belt Gi

  • Results: Sanchez def. Turner by way of decision

Jacob Pangelinan (Sabre Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Jacob Pupo (Empire Jiu-Jitsu) at 125-lbs. Purple Belt Gi

  • Results: Pangelinan def. Pupo by way of choke

Albert Tapia (10th Planet) vs. Bryan Ramirez (Carlson Gracie) at 125-lbs. Purple Belt No Gi

  • Results: Ramirez def. Tapia by way of north/south choke

Roque Reyes (Cortez Martial Arts) vs. Lantrell Stockton (Ralph Gracie) at 155-lbs. Purple Belt Gi

  • Results: Stockton def. Reyes by way of decision

Miliani Matir (Darcio Lira) vs. Hannah Ripper (Danville BJJ) at 110-lbs. Purple Belt Gi

  • Results: Ripper def. Matir by way of decision

Rafael Bragan (Kola Ajose BJJ) vs. Cyrus Foster (Ares BJJ) at 195-lbs. Orange Belt Gi

  • Results: Foster def. Bragan by way of decision

Aaron Curtin (Carlson Gracie) vs. Jeremiah Trujillo (Rice Bros) at 125-lbs. Teen Blue Belt No Gi

  • Results: Trujillo def. Curtin by way of decision


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