Steven Gruber: On A Hunt for Championship Treasure at Conquer 4

June 24, 2017—Just off the shore of the San Francisco Bay, Steven ‘The Gremlin’ Gruber (7-4) met Brian ‘The Dread Pirate’ Wilkinson (3-2) on the canvased land of the Craneway Pavilion, home to Conquer Fighting Championships.

In the promotion’s fourth visit to their glass house in the Port of Richmond, the thought-process of the executives: build champions. By the close of Conquer 4, a new bantamweight and featherweight champion would be wrapped in glory, and the contest between Gruber and Wilkinson presented a match-up of promising contenders to build Conquer FC’s flyweight division around.

Experience was vital in Gruber’s first-round burial of ‘The Dread Pirate,’ and Conquer FC’s brass provided him a map to discover twelve-pounds of precious metal in the future. While backstage with Gruber, Inside the Ropes (IRT) Boxing (link here) spotlighted the direction this 125-pounder’s compass points in the sport: due north.

Sadly, Gruber lost his grandmother leading into the most important fifteen-minutes of his life; therefore, he, understandably, entered Conquer 4 with a heavy heart. An emotional situation, added with the intensity of being placed in a petri dish of violence, may have perpetuated an initial struggle to connect a sound mind to a primed and fashionably-inked sound body. He explained to IRT Boxing, “At first, I kept my heart rate up a little too much. I threw a few wild shots. I tried to throw a body kick, and I should have thrown a knee. He ended up catching it and taking me down.”

Of course, his well-versed coaching staff at MMAGOLD walked him down the yellow brick road to success by coaching him through the progression of positions. Gruber detailed the adjustment, “Once he took me down, I stood back up, slowed my heart rate down, and I was just able to pick my shots and land that clean one.”

The Bay Area’s fan base, as well as those logged-in to, all hopped aboard Gruber’s hype train after such a stunning display of composure, precision, and power. According to Gruber, they’ll soon become more familiar with his handiwork because the powers-that-be in the front office at Conquer FC already passed the memo down the grapevine: there’s a championship vacancy in their flyweight division that they’re looking to fill. ‘The Gremlin’ eagerly chirped his interest in filling such a void, “They [Conquer FC] just offered me a title shot, so hopefully I get it. I’m always interested in a title shot—come on now.”

Only four shows in the books, and Conquer FC has designed, and continues their construction of, a product in hot demand within Northern California’s borders and available worldwide, champions for people to rally behind, and a plot line that thickens after each round. Be sure to follow Gruber (link here) to see what is revealed on his horizon.


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