Conquering the Perception of Amateur MMA at Conquer 4

Trever Johnson, President and Matchmaker at Conquer Fighting Championships, executed equal parts of professionalism while building the amateur portion of their fourth show on June 24, 2017, Conquer 4,  as he did with the pros.

The weight of C.A.M.O regulated shinguards, if the athlete has less than three fights on their record, or six-ounce gloves instead of four doesn’t lighten the intensity between these developing mixed martial artists. In fact, each of the ten amateurs scheduled to warm-up Conquer 4’s dance floor, whether at the top vying for a title or at the evening’s onset, could find themselves, in the near future, tagged with a professional status.

According to (link here), the amateur side of Conquer 4 includes:

Dwight Maters vs. Matt Zonfrello for the C.A.M.O Heavyweight Title

Joseph Cardoso vs. Joseph Kropschot in the middleweight division

Gavin Hallinan vs. Michael Bueno in the welterweight division

Ian Masioff vs. Olin Pettit Jr. in the featherweight division

Bobby Seronio III vs. Jonathan Merritt in the bantamweight division

After final decisions are rendered and the energy levels have seemingly spiked, thanks to the efforts of those filling their wallets with experience, the only direction to go, based on the depth of Conquer 4’s contracted killers, is up.

The professional side of Conquer 4 includes:

Jeremiah Labiano vs. Stephen Cervantes for the Conquer Fighting Championships Featherweight Title

Shawn Bunch vs. Rodrigo Lima for the Conquer Fighting Championships Bantamweight Title

Fard Muhammad vs. Windson Ramos in the bantamweight division

Roger Severson vs. Cristian Giovannie in the featherweight division

Lamar Reed vs. Daniel McWilliams at a catchweight (160-pounds)

JT Donaldson vs. Matt Wagy in the featherweight division

Mark Climaco vs. Gene Cancino in the flyweight division

Juan Cardenas vs. Dillon Moore in the featherweight division

Brian Wilkinson vs. Steven Gruber in the flyweight division

Mike Olson vs. Nohelin Hernandez in the bantamweight division

Fernando Costa vs. Matt Aragoni in the featherweight division

Garrett Marks vs. Joaquin Lopez in the welterweight division

For more information about Conquer 4 and tickets, visit:


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