Meet the Misfits of Gold

If you’re a square peg that can fight through a round hole, you’re a perfect fit for the Misfits of Gold.

The Misfits of Gold, a subset of strikers from MMAGOLD’s fight team, recognized their combative camaraderie and hatched what has become a notable presence in Northern California’s MMA collage.

Under the watchful eye of Joel “MF” Beck, one of MMAGOLD’s striking coaches, and the steady influx of new 14199649_1594323597531170_8936727777688076688_nadditions to the squadron, the Misfits attracted the attention of their competition almost immediately following its inception in 2013. Oddly enough, Beck never would have imagined the present-day portrait of the Misfits because of his initial, glancing judgments of MMAGOLD. He admitted, while talking with NorCal MMA, to growling at the team concept in a sport fueled by independent contractors,

“Since I had fought for Folsom MMA before, I called the owner, and he said I could come in and teach classes,” Beck began. “Then, I saw MMAGOLD. I’m not gonna lie: at first I was like, ‘What the fuck is this?’ Then, I met [MMAGOLD’s manager] Dave [Hirschbein] and [the team’s head coach] Jim [West], and they were both cool.”

14212077_1594323660864497_2759332887619632572_nOnce Beck mined below the team’s surface, he melted into the fold. Shortly thereafter, the Misfits organically spawned, as remembered by Beck,

“The group just kind of happened; there’s no real other way to explain it. Right after I joined the team, I met: [Steven] Gruber, Travis [Hyland], and Lucas [Gubbins], and we just started growing from there. Now, we’ve got: Sam Toomer, Dillon Moore, Jason Powell, Brieta Carpenter, Isaiah Wright, Michael Olson, Blake Benson, Andrew 14232430_1594323644197832_2831625346335870302_nChavez, Eric Helm, and Brandon Waltz.”

Flying under MMAGOLD’s banner at Urban Sprawl Fitness in El Dorado Hills, the Misfits, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, slide a short stretch down the hill on Highway 50 into Folsom to train with Beck at his gym: Nutri-Sport. Beck described how the division of the Misfits doesn’t lead to a fraction of the entire team,

“Not every fighter goes to the same coach; some gravitate toward this coach, some that coach, based on your styles, ways of thinking, how you want to do things, or do you even connect personally.”

14212684_1594288157534714_6534269229531406792_nAlong with their distinct logo, colored in pink and blue pastel, each member of the Misfits expresses their individualism with a mask best suited to match their unique warrior spirit while manifesting mayhem between bells, but Beck repeatedly coaches his athletes: it’s invaluable during training to remove any blinders preventing you from capturing influences, from a multitude of sources,

“I constantly tell them: take any useful technique, or any useful thought process, and make it your own. You shouldn’t be so narrow-minded to get stuck in any one way of 14202649_1594323567531173_5398097433495395186_nthinking. That’s why you have so many coaches you can go to.”

Although Beck is revered by MMAGOLD as an asset amongst the coaching department, he places a high level of importance on standing eye-to-eye with each of the Misfits,

“I’m not the captain; I’m not the leader. I’m an equal; I’m like them. I didn’t become a coach to get respected; I became a coach because I was respected.”

Don’t be an outsider on the fringe, join the Misfits of Gold by following their social media at:

Instragram: @misfits_of_gold

Facebook: Misfitsofgold


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