Jordan ‘Juggernaut’ Powell: A Striker With Three Subs In A Row Heading Into LFA 13

Jordan ‘Juggernaut’ Powell (8-6), a lethal light heavyweight striker, has recently sharpened his craft in MMA by rounding out his ground game, discovering a satisfactory degree of comfort in the midst of a firefight prior to the highest profile bout of his career: LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance) 13 on June 2, 2017 versus Dominick ‘The Devastator’ Reyes (5-0).

Based on Powell’s recent history, one would surmise the product of Havuk Skwod in Sacramento, California—with three straight submissions—has tangled with a nest of black belts, though, as revealed during his appearance on Episode 21 of the @norcalfightmma Podcast (link here), the truth couldn’t possibly roll any further away when hitting the listeners with his own reality,

“It’s weird because I go into fights not really thinking about the ground too much; stand-up is more my thing.” Powell admitted, “I don’t have too many big guys here (Havuk Skwod) to really work a lot of takedown defense with—just being on the ground doesn’t frighten me too much anymore.”

Following his collection of the Dragon House Light Heavyweight Title with a rear-naked choke finish of Mike Ortega at Dragon House 24, Powell recalled: Ortega was unable to contort any of his limbs, cut off the blood flow to his brain, or rain down any significant punishment while attempting to secure dominance in the grappling department,

“I know, in my last fight, he took me to the ground, and he had me there for a little bit—fattened my eye a little bit, but that happens.” Encapsulating what he now brings to the canvas, ‘Juggernaut’ painted a masterpiece of his transformation as a mixed martial artist, “I felt like I used a lot of submission threats, and that kept him from being able to do anything real major while on the ground. Then, in the next round, I was able to finish him with a submission.”

Next in Powell’s crosshairs is Dominick Reyes, an undefeated prospect, at LFA 13. With only one submission victory out of Reyes’ five professional prizefights and known as ‘The Devastator,’ Powell may not be forced to feel the floorboards, which may favor the native of Northern California, who owns three times the experience of his opposition. Additionally, Powell has been investing rounds with Team Black in Pleasanton, a team packed with heavy hands and granite chins, to tighten up his specialty.

In a light heavyweight match-up where someone’s power will turn the other’s lights out, fight fans can capture all the action, either in attendance at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center or on AXS TV, on June 2nd. Since the mystery of MMA surrounds the unknown, Powell is confident: If a dance on the feet alternates to a war of attrition on the mat, he’ll be ready,

“I watch older fights—me being on the ground and kind of flailing—and then I watch my last fight with me being on the ground, and they’re like a complete turn around.”



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