NorCal MMA’s Preview of Tachi Palace Fights 31: Diaz vs. Gibson

For fight fans frothing at the mouth mid-week, anxiously awaiting the weekend to quench their thirst for MMA action, Tachi Palace Fights (TPF), at TPF 31: Diaz vs. Gibson, will be streaming their upcoming event, pitting champion versus champion, on Thursday, May 18, 2017 through

Main Event: Adrian Diaz vs. Cody Gibson for the TPF Featherweight Title

Both Adrian Diaz (10-4-1), the current TPF Featherweight Champion, and Cody ‘The Renegade’ Gibson (15-6), the current TPF Bantamweight Champion, claimed their respective belts on May 19, 2016 at TPF 27: Mayhem. At TPF 31, Gibson will add ten-pounds of muscle by virtue of his training at Team Elite Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai in hopes of adding ten more pounds of championship metal around his waist. After defending his belt twice prior, Diaz has grown accustomed to seeing the shine of his efforts hang in Team Alpha Male’s trophy case, and he intends on returning it to, as his swath of supporters would argue, its rightful place, reigning supreme in the heart of TPF’s Bingo Hall.

Co-Main Event: Buddy Wallace vs. JC Llamas for the vacant TPF Welterweight Title

If anyone were expected to remain on their feet with their hand raised in a contest opposite JC ‘The Leg Lock Monster’ Llamas (8-6), it would be Last Stand Fight Team’s Buddy Wallace (13-6). Whichever one of these welterweights shuts down the engine of the other will ignite the neon ‘no’ next to the vacancy on TPF’s Welterweight Title.

TPF 31’s Main Card Also Includes:

Joe Neal (5-2) vs. Alex Rojas (4-5) in the bantamweight division.

Nathan Stolen (6-0) vs. Tyler Diamond (7-0) in the featherweight division.

Van Palacio (4-1) vs. Chris Lewis (1-0) in the heavyweight division.

Paradise Vaovasa (5-1) vs. Jalin Turner (3-2) in the lightweight division.

Armando Espinoza (1-0) vs. Diamond Templeton (0-0) in the lightweight division.

Mohammed Usman (0-0) vs. Derrick Williams (3-6) in the heavyweight division.

Angel DeAnda (17-5) vs. Mike Morales (7-6-1) in the light heavyweight division.

With all the gold on display and a gathering of talent from across ‘The Golden State,’ Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore, California, viewed through the proper prizefighting prism, may be MMA’s end of the rainbow.


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