NorCal MMA’s Preview of Central Coast Throwdown: Unfinished Business

The Fox Theater in Salinas, California’s historic district will roll out their red carpet on May 20, 2017 for a collection of C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Artist Organization) certified mixed martial artists when Powerhouse Entertainment presents Central Coast Throwdown: Unfinished Business.

According to (link here), the fight card at Unfinished Business includes:

Tyler Escoto vs. Samuel Romero in the welterweight division.

John Antonio vs. Anthony Deak in the lightweight division.

Steven Antonio vs. Nigel Archer Jr. in the bantamweight division.

Stephen Hernandez vs. Erick Olivera in the middleweight division.

Jordan Fernandez vs. Salvador Jimenez in the welterweight division.

Freddy Rodriguez vs. Jonathan Sellers in the lightweight division.

David Dzasokhov vs. Dzhamshed Sanginov in the lightweight division.

Shane Keefe vs. Brandon Olson in the lightweight division.

Hector Fajardo vs. Josiah McHale in the featherweight division.

Ismael Romero vs. Ismael Carranza in the middleweight division.

Nathan Napolitano vs. Andrew Richardson in the bantamweight division.

Jose Chavarin vs. Cesar Moreno in the bantamweight division.

Micah Gonsalves-Gregg vs. Jonathan Merritt in the bantamweight division.

Min Kim vs. Conan Orozco in the featherweight division.

Dominic Hill vs. Solomon Valentine in the lightweight division.

Debbie Syvong vs. Brianna Jimenez in the welterweight division.

Diego Zuria vs. Nik Macri in the welterweight division.

Jerome Auttrey vs. Yzat Amrakulov in the featherweight division.

Business hours for Central Coast Throwdown: Unfinished Business are from 5:00 pm, when the doors open, until the hands of all eighteen winners are triumphantly raised toward the FOX Theater’s rafters.

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