Olin Pettit Jr.: A Debut That Proudly Represents the 209 at 209 Beatdown II

For a brief moment, Olin Pettit Jr. snapped his hardened stare with a wide smile after earning a TKO victory in his amateur MMA debut.

Parting a deafening black sea of T-shirts, hoodies, and hats, the eighteen year-old fighter from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu entered the cage at 209 Beatdown II on April 29, 2017 and stapled the skin of Andrew Tack onto the wall of his win column.

Round 1

At the sound of the bell, Tack left the red corner with his hands in his pockets; whereas, Pettit Jr.’s chin was hidden from view with hands primed to bite like a venomous snake. Interestingly enough, Pettit Jr.’s opening punch resembled a ‘Stockton Sledgehammer,’ instead of a ‘Stockton Slap.’

Tack didn’t hesitate to launch his own attack, but he was unable to implement a successful offense. A hip toss from Tack pinned Pettit Jr.’s back to the canvas—only long enough to sear it. Immediately, the lightweight representing his hometown’s gritty fight culture returned to a position of dominance, pressing Tack into the fence as if it were cork board.

Prior to the curtain clamping shut on the round, Pettit punctuated his ability to bounce between grappling and striking by creating enough space to unload several shots in Tack’s direction, reminding the visitor: nowhere is safe inside 209 Beatdown’s cast-iron walls.

Round 2

Shortly into the middle frame, Pettit Jr.’s pinpoint accuracy sent shockwaves throughout his support system seated within the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium.

When Pettit Jr. had Tack backpedaling, Tack attempted to secure a guillotine; however, Pettit Jr.’s technical application on the ground steadied nerves that would otherwise fray. Once Pettit Jr. popped his head free, he resumed control, baiting Tack to surrender his back. Inch-by-inch, Pettit Jr.’s arm coiled around Tack’s neck and under his chin; a lightning fast change of grips slowly shut the power of Tack’s consciousness out.

At the ten-second clapper, the young shark smelled blood in the water, bit down on his mouthpiece, and squeezed with crushing strength. The audience interpreted the horn as an end to the round, but Tack used it as an alarm clock.

Slow to escape a momentary slumber, Tack stumbled toward his stool. The cage side physician closely monitored the situation in the action’s interim and eventually waved off the lightweight contest.

One bout in the books and Northern California’s crazed contingent of MMA fans eagerly await Pettit Jr. to scribe more chapters over the course of his stint in the amateurs—and beyond.


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