209 Beatdown II: Results & Recap

More often than not, mathematics and MMA mesh in mysterious ways. At 209 Beatdown’s sophomore show, 209 Beatdown II, on April 29, 2017, a one hundred percent finish rate, along with four gold belts finding their rightful owners, meant everything added up to equal: an all-amateur MMA promotion in Stockton producing an exponential amount of excitement amongst the numerous fight fans from around Northern California in attendance.

Each of the ten bouts on 209 Beatdown II’s fight card concluded before regulation expired, which meant: the only people leaning back in their seats, while everybody else inside the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium crept toward the edge, were the cage side scorekeepers. Not only did the hard fought effort of each athlete who entered the steel battlefield at 209 Beatdown II attract the audience’s attention, John Narvaez and Rayford Hudson, the combo who comprise JR Entertainment, ensured that focus remained fixed at center stage by scheduling a close to the evening with four shiny objects: the Welterweight Title, Middleweight Title, vacant Bantamweight Title, and an Interim Heavyweight Title.

Chris Burton vs. Daniel Oseguera for the vacant 209 Beatdown Banamweight Title

While all eyes were on these bantamweights as they made their walk from backstage, the atmosphere fogged with tension when Burton, who concurrently held the 209 Beatdown Featherweight Title, and Oseguera never broke their intense stare before the bell.

Targeting a second championship marker in front of his hometown crowd, Burton performed flawlessly at 135-pounds, the weight class he intends to enter as a professional. At the one-minute mark, the product of both Beastmode MMA and Team Alpha Male went down two strikes in a three strike combination, but the third swing was a bench-clearing grand slam, leveling Oseguera with an overhand right and causing the referee to rip Burton from his limp carcass.

The ten-pounds Burton dropped to compete in his new division returned to his hardened frame once his hand was raised and 209 Beatdown’s Bantamweight and Featherweight straps hung from each shoulder.

Antonio Jimenez vs. Eddie Smith for the Interim 209 Beatdown Heavyweight Title

Only ten little piggies were necessary when counting the seconds it took for Jimenez, a Stockton native, to send his supporters crying all the way home with joy after an emphatic knockout victory.

Smith, with only twenty-four hours notice, jumped at the opportunity to accept the match against Jimenez; unfortunately, the product of Beastmode MMA had invested several pages from his calendar to grueling training sessions; a camp designed to even the odds in a rematch with 209 Beatdown’s reigning Heavyweight Champ, Renardo Palmer.

With Jimenez and Palmer holding 209 Beatdown’s heavyweight keepsakes around their waist, the plot only thickens when they meet to unify their titles in the future.

Esley Colson vs. Ismael Romero Pugh for the 209 Beatdown Middleweight Title

Whatever reach Romero Pugh lacked when challenging Colson for his belt, he made up for with a granite chin and deeper gas tank.

Colson tossed the kitchen sink at Romero Pugh in the first frame, displaying dominance in the departments of striking and grappling; however, by applying the pedal to the metal mentality, Colson entered the second round operating on fumes.

Once Romero Pugh was able to stave off any of Colson’s attempts to control where action occurred, he twisted the dial of his aggression, as crafted at Levels MMA, into the red, wound up in an advantageous position on the ground, and tattooed Colson with ground-and-pound until the C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) official couldn’t allow the bludgeoning to continue.

Frank Farmer vs. Stephen Martin for the 209 Beatdown Welterweight Title

Training out of Levels MMA in Marina, Farmer evidenced his skill-set is on an entirely different plane when defending his belt against Martin.

In only twenty-seconds, Farmer’s potential as a developing mixed martial artist blossomed before the patrons of 209 Beatdown II. After Farmer delivered several leg kicks, Martin failed on an attempt to plant Farmer on the canvas, leaving his neck exposed.

Without any hesitation, Farmer’s beefy bicep squeezed off the oxygen supply to Martin’s brain with a crushing guillotine.

NorCal MMA’s Performances of the Night

Although each competitor at 209 Beatdown II deserves praise for filling the venue’s beautiful interior with the destructive elegance of their talents, several fighters morphed the card from a treasured memory into a priceless piece of work. NorCal MMA’s selections for Submission of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Fight of the Night include:

Fight of the Night: Esley Colson and Ismael Romero Pugh






Submission of the Night: Frank Farmer







Knockout of the Night: Chris Burton






209 Beatdown II’s Results:

Daniel Compton defeated Geoffrey Stovall by way of TKO in round 1 (1:15).

Chris Burton defeated Daniel Oseguera by way of KO in round 1 (1:04).

Antonio Jimenez defeated Eddie Smith by way of KO in round 1 (:10).

Ismael Romero Pugh defeated Esley Colson by way of TKO in round 2 (2:42).

Frank Farmer defeated Stephen Martin by way of guillotine in round 1 (:20).

Robert Davis defeated Eddie Leyva by way of armbar in round 1 (1:37).

Amir Naser Kazemi defeated Philip Hattersley by way of guillotine in round 2 (2:42).

Jorge Landeros defeated Eduardo Mendez by way of KO in round 3 (1:23).

Olin Pettit Jr. defeated Andrew Charles Tack by way of doctor’s stoppage/TKO in round 2 (2:00).

Anthony Lopez defeated Nick Davis by way of KO in round 1 (:33).

Typically, the third time is the charm, except in the case of 209 Beatdown, an endearing MMA promotion that charmed Northern California’s fight scene in their first event. Leave it to an amateur MMA promotion in Northern California to correctly calculate MMA math: In August 2017, 209 Beatdown I plus 209 Beatdown II equals 209 Beatdown III.


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