Frank Farmer: A Champion Wrapping the Belt Around 209 Beatdown

John Narvaez and Rayford Hudson, the duo forming JR Entertainment, will gift wrap April’s final weekend with a memorable evening of amateur mixed martial arts in Stockton, California.

Since breaking ground in the region on November 5, 2016 at their promotional debut, 209 Beatdown 1, Narvaez and Hudson have been fixtures in Northern California’s MMA scene, scouting various venues and selecting the ripest local talent—all in preparation of their upcoming show: 209 Beatdown 2 on April 29, 2017. Don’t simply accept NorCal Mixed Martial’s perspective as media hyperbole; instead, digest the smooth-sounding sentiment of Frank ‘The Last Son’ Farmer, 209 Beatdown’s Welterweight Champion, from Episode 5 of NorCal MMA’s Fight Talk (link here). He opened his combination of praise with:

“JR Entertainment: they do a very classy show.”

As an experienced amateur with eleven bouts under his belt, the product of Levels MMA, of the numerous cages that housed his brand of violence, orated his pleasure in collaborating with 209 Beatdown’s executives:

“I’ve had lots of fight and been to a lot of venues, and JR Entertainment was definitely one of the more classy places I’ve been to. They are very professional and very courteous to their fighters.”

According to Farmer, equal amounts of effort exhibited by the athletes and the promotion will serve all the stakeholders stuffed inside the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium for 209 Beatdown 2 a delightful crop of carnage when the bell frees each corner for combat,

“When promoters are willing to work with the fighters—rather than use the fighters—that’s when you have something special because fighters are able to go out there and perform a lot more freely, without any reservations or any of their backs against the wall.”

Farmer recalled the mystical brew concocted at 209 Beatdown’s inaugural production,

“When you have a fighter that’s going out there and having fun; then, you’ll get those great match-ups, like mine or like the [209 Beatdown] Featherweight Champion [Chris Burton] and so many other great fights that went on that night [at 209 Beatdown 1].”

Interestingly enough: supportive promoters, such as JR Entertainment, allow the palettes of their contracted killers to demonstrate an array of colorful attacks on their brightly lit canvas, as stated by Farmer before defending his 170-pound strap against Team Quest’s Ricardo Flemate,

“It’s definitely a good feeling to go out there and have fun, be yourself, and let your martial art take form. To be fighting is definitely an art: it’s like telling your story, but in a disciplined form; it’s raw emotions taking a life of their own.”

Fight fans should plant their passion for MMA around 209 Beatdown’s demolition zone on April 29, 2017 to watch the excitement and noise level grow to a crescendo when Farmer goes tilling for a championship tussle—one of four titles finding their rightful owners—at 209 Beatdown 2. For tickets or more information about 209 Beatdown 2, visit:



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