The Titans Cage 15: Results & Recap

The Titans Cage (TTC) cut the ribbon to their new home, the McClellan Conference Center, on April 15, 2017, but the all-amateur fight promotion provided the same level of entertainment that Northern California’s fight fans have grown accustomed to. Before TTC unveiled their recent card, TTC 15, a collection of Junior Mixed Martial Artists, competing under strict Pankration guidelines, warmed up the evening. The facility was stuffed with the high decibels of friends, family, and fans when TTC 15’s amateurs took to the stage, from the first bell to the last.

Main Event: Curtis Gomez vs. Eduardo Perez for the TTC Heavyweight Title

Curtis Gomez captured the Super Heavyweight Title at TTC 12 in April 2016. He looked to retain his belt a year later against a fresh face in the region, Eduardo Perez.

Staring Gomez down from across the cage, Perez radiated relaxation and composure. Perez’s pressure and speed was the key factor in capturing TTC’s Heavyweight belt. Prior to the bout’s conclusion, Perez finished the fight with a fatal spinning back kick, which dropped Gomez in his tracks and generated a tapout, though it initially went unseen. Wasting no time, the humongous human moved in on the neck of Gomez with the speed of a flyweight, sinking in a rear-naked choke to secure the submission victory.

Gabriel Pacheco–Dolce vs. Nick Dillman for the TTC Welterweight Title

TTC’s Welterweight strap was up for grabs between two extremely tough contenders. Pacheo-Dolce and Dillman kept it standing. In the second round, Dillman landed straight right hand that dropped Pacheco-Dolce. During a wild scramble, Pacheco-Dolce worked his magic, locking in a triangle, capturing Dillman’s arm, and securing the arm bar for the victory.

NorCal MMA’s Performances of the Night

Each mixed martial artists who wrapped their hands, entered TTC 15’s proving ground, and bit down on their mouthpiece deserves praise, but several performances unhinged the audience from their senses. NorCal MMA’s awards for Submission of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Fight of the Night include:

Knockout of the Night: Josh Dim

Dim welcomed MMA’s debutant, Kyle Kolod, with a wild flurry that ejected everyone from their seat. Following a fifty-eight second shellacking, Dim has now logged a total of one-minute and fifty-two seconds over the course of three contests.

 Submission of the Night: Zach Costa

Costa submitted Salvador Martinez with a vicious leg lock when it appeared as though Martinez would walk away with a unanimous decision win.

 Fight of the Night: Matt Zonrello and Richard Taifane

Any questions about the cardio of super heavyweights were answered when Zonfrello and Taifane filled TTC’s cage with about six hundred pounds of mass. The level of punishment each corner ate and delivered, at least for gluttons of punishment, was as fulfilling as a buffet.

 TTC 15 Results Include:

Eduardo Perez defeated Curtis Gomez by way of TKO in Round 3 (2:20).

David Klingsheim defeated Jordan Vazquez by way of unanimous decision.

Joshua Dim defeated Kyle Kolod by way of KO in Round 1 (:58).

Gabriel Pacheco-Dolce defeated Nick Dillman by way of arm bar in Round 2 (1:27).

Bobby Seronio III defeated Mike Howard by way of unanimous decision.

Julius Wright defeated Jamerson Johnson by way of TKO in Round 2 (:22).

Matt Zonfrello defeated Richard Taifane by way of unanimous decision.

Zach Costa defeated Salvador Martinez by way of leg lock in Round 3 (:44).

Kody Vogels defeated Kenny Tullgren by way of KO in Round 2 (1:44).

Andrew Russo defeated Fred Yu by way of majority decision.

Carlos Figueroa defeated Shota Geperidze by way of unanimous decision.

John Wilson defeated Solomon Valentine by way of majority decision.

Evan Walters defeated John Saechao by way of unanimous decision.

Khai Wu defeated Sam Wooten by way of TKO in Round 2.

Brian Lenau defeated Eddie Smith by way of unanimous decision.

Junior MMA Results Include:

James Aguilar defeated Rafael Garci by way of unanimous decision.

Kris Arrey defeated Robbie Lopez by way of arm bar in Round 2 (:57).

Haylie Gumpher defeated Jaylene Martinez by way of unanimous decision.

Zeke Martinez defeated Estevan Pavoor by way of submission in Round 2 (1:58).

Shane Hoffman defeated Cyrus Pavoor by way of unanimous decision.

Jacob Martinez defeated Michael Fear by way of kimura in Round 1 (:26).

Anthony Bernardo defeated Cage Harlin by way of rear-naked choke.

Danny Beers defeated Harley Patterson by way of arm bar in Round 1.

Daniel Arellano defeated Stevie Davenport by way of kimura in Round 2 (:35).

Max Murillo defeated Urijah Fear by way of rear-naked choke in Round 2.

Stay connected with TTC for the latest updates on the next time they fill their new home at the McClellan Conference Center.

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