CFC 3: Reign of Terror’s Recap & Results

Cagebound Fighting Championships (CFC) planned for thirteen pairs of amateur mixed martial artists to enter their proving ground at CFC 3: Reign of Terror; however, for reasons as unpredictable as what occurs in their ironclad war zone, the fight card had drastically thinned by the sound of the first bell on April 15, 2017.

Any bouts subtracted from the preliminary draft didn’t deter Northern California’s fight fans from the exponential excitement delivered by the athletes who met in the middle of the Modesto Centre Plaza. After two title fights, a competitor who made the nerve-racking walk, not once—but twice, and more than a couple jaw-dropping slugfests, ticket holders may not have been dished a full menu, but everyone headed toward the exit at CFC 3’s close with a satisfied look on their face.

Main Event: Rich Treas vs. James Gilley for the vacant CFC Heavyweight Title

If one train leaves Antioch and the other departs from Modesto, when they collide head-on at full steam, you arrive at CFC 3’s main event for the vacant CFC Heavyweight Title.

Once the bell’s signal to begin action evaporated into the raucous atmosphere, Gilley and Treas fired concussive missiles at one another. Both of these massive men pack dynamite in their hands, yet neither could crack the granite shaping their jawlines while on the feet. In an exchange on the ground, Treas, the current CFC Cruiserweight Champion who had stacked surmountable size for this heavyweight affair, lulled Gilley into a sense of complacency before working his way to the back and headhunting the target in his crosshairs with a barrage of punches.

Following a heated flurry for just over a minute, the frosty feel of new championship shine was wrapped around Treas.

Co-Main Event: Anthony ‘Homicide’ Howard vs. Freddy Mendez

From one end of the scale to the other, the pressure mounted on the shoulders of Howard and Mendez while challenging for CFC’s vacant Strawweight Title was easily propped up by their 115-pound frames.

Howard towered over Mendez, and the hometown favorite maintained the necessary range to dictate a majority of the championship scrap. To say speed was evident throughout the contest would be an understatement. Over the course of all three rounds, Mendez and Howard maneuvered the surface area of the canvas as aggressive blurs.

When time expired from the clock, the judges unanimously favored the corner of Howard, decorating the crafty prospect in his second regional belt: CFC’s Strawweight Title and Hopelite Fights’ Flyweight Title.

Notable Fighter: Bruno Casillas

The many adjustments to CFC’s lineup created a compelling storyline: the winner of the night’s opening grappling match would face Lloyd Mathesen in an MMA match later on.

Breaking the ice to CFC 3, the light heavyweight from Valhalla Elite Training Center locked horns with Nick Davis and forced him to concede after an early rear-naked choke was masterfully applied.

Apparently, Casillas’ thirst for carnage hadn’t been quenched; therefore, he returned several matches later to level Mathesen. Tired of rolling around, Casillas countered Mathesen’s ground game with fists from the heavens.

A pair of high quality victories must have filled Casillas with twice as much happiness as anyone else at CFC 3.

NorCal MMA’s Performances of the Night

Of course, each mixed martial artist deserves praise for serving healthy doses of entertainment on a silver platter at CFC 3, but several contestants provided the icing on an already sweet fight card. NorCal MMA’s selections for Submission of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Fight of the Night include:

Submission of the Night: Robert Holson







Knockout of the Night: Rich Treas







Fight of the Night: Jonathan Sellers and Andres Villanueva






CFC 3: Reign of Terror Results Include:

Richard Treas defeated James Gilley by way of TKO in round 1 (1:10).

Anthony Howard defeated Freddy Mendez by way of unanimous decision.

Bruno Casillas defeated Lloyd Mathesen by way of TKO in round 2 (2:24).

 Robert Holson defeated Alex Badovinac by way of guillotine choke in round 1 (1:10).

 Jonathan Sellers defeated Andres Villanueva by way of rear-naked choke in round 2 (1:28).

 Frankie Berlanga defeated Anthony Gonzalez by way of triangle in round 3 (1:38).

 Bruno Casillas defeated Nick Davis by way of rear-naked choke in a grappling only match.

The head honchos at CFC have operated their all-amateur promotion, to this point, with a smooth professionalism, and the next event they intend to present, CFC 4: Bad Blood, will asses their aptitude when they assemble a card with ammys and pros on July 15, 2017. Stay connected with CFC for the latest information about their next event at:


Facebook: @CageboundFights

Instagram: @official_cagebound_fighting


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