A Mixed Martial Artist’s Bird Didn’t Tap

Following a win at NorCal Fight Series 5 with a vice-like arm bar in under a minute, Maritza Sanchez, an amateur mixed martial artist from Northern California, knocked out the Twitterverse with a recent post.

In the ten-second clip, a bird rests in a cupped pair of hands. It appeared, based on how the bird was being held, that a rescue effort was nearly meeting its conclusion. On the count of three, the viewer is led to believe: the bird will be tossed into the heavens; unfortunately, the ball of feathers quickly became the family dog’s new toy.

Sadly, Sanchez’s the bird demonstrated its warrior spirit and refused to tap.

Now that Sanchez has touched every corner of the globe with a viral Tweet, the bantamweight out of AB’s Dragon House in El Dorado will someday compete on one of MMA’s world-wide stages.


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