Richard Treas: Seeking Revenge and A Heavyweight Belt at CFC 3

By @DaveMMAdden

Richard Treas plans to kill two birds with one pinpoint punch while meeting James Gilley in the main event at CFC (Cagebound Fighting Championships) 3: Reign of Terror: collect the vacant CFC Heavyweight Title and dish out a frigid dose of revenge for a teammate.

At CFC’s previous event, CFC 2: Knockout Artist, Treas hoisted CFC’s Cruiserweight strap above his head. Unfortunately, the celebration fell in the wake of a close training partner and friend at Dynamic MMA, Oliver Pryor, having suffered a heartbreaking defeat. On Episode 8 of NorCal MMA’s Fight Talk (link here), the native of Modesto shared the close-knit nature and, for the most part, success of Dynamic MMA, an up-and-coming fight team in Northern California:

“The team’s great, and we’ve got all kinds of different weight classes, male and female,” touted Treas. “We want to just go out there and do what MMA is all about; MMA is all about: going out there and kicking butt, and we’ve done more butt kicking than having our butts kicked.”

After catching a glimpse of Pryor’s chalk outline on CFC’s canvas, knocking out Kenosha Saunders in nine-seconds, and staking claim of the CFC Cruiserweight Title at CFC 2, Treas vowed to make Gilley suffer his wrath—especially since, through his lens, he recalled: a one-in-a-million swing that clipped Pryor’s chin only twenty-eight seconds into the first round:

“He knocked my teammate out with this crazy home run shot. It was just a crazy overhand right, and he got lucky when he swung and knocked him out.”

Until recently, Treas hasn’t focused solely on MMA, but a decade of combat sports firms his confidence to a similar level of hardness as the cinder blocks he covers in six-ounce gloves. He assured the lightning that struck Pryor won’t strike again on April 15, 2017,

“I’ve been in this business too long and trained too many years to let that happen, so when we do meet, I’m going to knock him out, just like the last guy [Saunders].”

It seemed Treas compared the proven dynamite in Gilley’s hands to that of a loose cannon, and he anticipates, after releasing his own arsenal of mass destruction, a feast of victorious spoils will emerge in front of his hometown crowd:

“I hope he comes at me, and I hope he tries to knock me out because that will bring him closer. I hope he tries to test my chin because that brings him within my knockout range, and that is what’s going to happen.”

Will CFC 3: Reign of Terror end with sweet satisfaction in Treas’ favor—marked by a new piece of heavyweight hardware, or will a salty mood of disappointment fill the air? Find out how the story unfolds in the heart of the Modesto Centre Plaza by purchasing tickets at:


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