The Titans Cage 15: Preview

By @DaveMMAdden

On April 15, 2017, The Titans Cage (TTC), an all-amateur MMA promotion in Northern California, continues to evidence their expansion in the sport by moving their upcoming event, TTC 15, from the Red Lion Conference Center, home to TTC for a number of years, to the McClellan Conference Center.

Prior TTC transports its cage to a roomier venue, the area’s developmental league has maintained a professional focus to include: providing an atmosphere for MMA to progress from the child-aged to those with forever young hearts. By collaborating with USFL (United States Fight League) and C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization), TTC structures a unique composition of Junior MMA, kids closely guarded under strict Pankration rules, and a pack of hungry amateurs.

According to (link here), the complete card at TTC 15 includes:

Curtis Gomez vs. Eduardo Perez for the TTC Heavyweight Title.







Gabriel Pacheco-Dolce vs. Nick Dillman for the TTC Welterweight Title.







Jordan Vazquez vs. David Klingsheim in the bantamweight division.







Kyle Kolod vs. Joshua Dim in the featherweight division.







Doug Reynolds vs. Bobby Seronio in the bantamweight division.







Sam Wooten vs. Khai Wu in the featherweight division.







Luke Barrington vs. Mike Howard in the bantamweight division.







Amir Kazemi vs. David Skuba in the lightweight division.







Stefan MacDonald vs. John Wilson in the welterweight division.







Julius Wright vs. Jamerson Johnson in the lightweight division.







Richard Taifane vs. Matt Zonfrello in the super heavyweight division.







Daniel Hicks vs. Anthony Lopez in the middleweight division.







Andrew Russo vs. Fred Yu in the lightweight division.







Zach Costa vs. Salvador Martinez in the middleweight division.







Kenny Tullgren vs. Kody Vogels in the lightweight division.







Carlos Figueroa vs. Shota Geperidze in the featherweight division.







Diego Bigelow vs. Solomon Valentine in the lightweight division.







John Saechao vs. Evan Walters in the flyweight division.







Eddie Smith vs. Brian Lenau in the super heavyweight division.







The Junior MMA participants include:

Anthony Bernardo

Cage Harlin

Cyrus Pavoor

Daniel Arrellano

Danny Beers

Estevan Pavoor

Harley Patterson

Haylie Gumpher

Jacob Martinez

James Aguilar

Jaylene Martinez

Kevin West

Kris Arrey

Mikey Fear

Rafael Garcia

Robbie Lopez

Shane Hoffman

Stevie Davenport

Uriah Fear

Zeke Martinez

With a little more elbow room available at TTC 15 on April 15th, fight fans can arrive early, nestle into their seat, and fill the McClellan Conference Center with the fiery atmosphere mixed martial arts kindles. Doors open at 3 p.m., Junior MMA action starts at 4 p.m., the adult amateurs begin at 6 p.m., and all the satisfied customers—everyone in attendance—exit after the final decision is rendered. For tickets to TTC 15, visit:


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