Cody Gutierrez: A Zombie Killer at NCFS 5

By @DaveMMAdden

In the event of a Zombie Apacolypse, a Fight of the Night performance at NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) 5 revealed which 155-pounder you’d want in your corner to eliminate any undead on the offensive. On March 11, 2017, a normal night of amateur MMA action quickly transformed into an unbelievable scene of surviving a crazed daywalker’s onslaught when Cody Gutierrez and Ryan Patrick were locked together in the middle of the Metro City Soccer Complex.

Round 1

The opening frame exploded with excitement when Patrick crumpled Gutierrez to the canvas with a heavy punch. When Gutierrez squirmed and escaped Patrick’s suffocating pressure, a demon appeared to hollow Patrick’s soul, and he recklessly stalked forward. Back on the feet, Gutierrez peppered Patrick until the ten-second clapper cut through the atmosphere’s mounting tension. Muck like the round started, Patrick closed it with another concussive right hand, leveling Gutierrez and sending him back to his corner to sort out his badly shaken wits.

Round 2

For the next two minutes, Gutierrez tossed the kitchen sink of combinations at Patrick, but the maniacal march—hand down, chin out, and eyes hazed over with hate—continued. Before the second round went in the record book, a stellar set of punches and kicks nearly sent Patrick to a final resting place.

Round 3

A primal rush surged within Gutierrez, and, twelve-seconds later, he vanuqished Patrick with venomous strikes.

Check out this lightweight affair (below) and subscribe to NorCal Mixed Martial’s YouTube Channel (link here) for content about the hottest prospects in the region.


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