WFC 71: MMA, Muay Thai, & BJJ…Oh My!

WFC (World Fighting Championships) 71 and the Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa in Lake Tahoe, Nevada will be cooking up an unforgettable evening of combat on May 6, 2017. During the Muay Thai portion of WFC 71, Perris Benegas and Inger Kleiv will, finally, paint the canvas with eight limbs of art.

Due to unforeseen circumstance, these two have been waiting to assess their destructive handiwork against one another since WFC 65. Benegas, from Reno City Kickboxing, versus Kleiv, a product of Carnage Fight Team, is a highly anticipated debut at 120-pounds. With a 0 in both columns for each of these Muay Thai practitioners, a win is the goose egg they hope will disappear. Which team are you on?

To discover which woman, who doubles as a weapon, has her hand raised, ensure a seat inside the Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa by purchasing tickets at:


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