NorCal MMA’s Preview of CFC 3: Reign of Terror

By @DaveMMAdden

What’s more terrifying than locking yourself in a cage with a similarly weighted human being, all while wearing minimal amounts of clothing and protection? The 13 sets of amateur mixed martial artists competing inside the Modesto Centre Plaza on April 15, 2017 find excitement in discovering who reigns supreme at CFC (Cagebound Fighting Championships) 3: Reign of Terror.

With nobody atop the throne in CFC’s heavyweight and strawweight division, the co-main and main event will seat two men—on opposite ends of the scale—into their respective thrones.

Main Event

The main event of the evening features James Gilley and Rich Treas, massive men with dynamite in their hands, for CFC’s vacant Heavyweight Title. Both Treas and Gilley appeared at the last show presented by CFC, CFC 2: Knockout Artist, though not for long. Treas, after cutting the power to the consciousness of Kenosha Saunders in nine-seconds, collected CFC’s Cruiserweight Title, and Gilley, just under the thirty-second mark, leveled Oliver Pryor, Treas’ teammate at Dynamic MMA, and silenced the hometown crowd. CFC 3’s closing contest generates tremendous intrigue because of how quickly the gigantic frames of Treas and Gilley transfer their energy from potential to a killer amount of kinetic.

Co-Main Event

From one end of the spectrum to the other, CFC contracted a championship bout between Anthony Howard and Freddy Mendez for CFC’s vacant Strawweight Title. Although these up-and-comers are packaged like a Prius, they hit like an eighteen-wheeler. Additionally, Howard and Mendez share a loss in their previous outing, so a spectacular win highlights which strawweight is the needle in the haystack.

According to (link here), the entire cast at CFC 3: Reign of Terror includes:

Rich Treas vs. James Gilley for the vacant CFC Heavyweight Title.

Anthony Howard vs. Freddy Mendez for the vacant CFC Strawweight Title.

Raymond Lopez vs. Gabriel Pena in the welterweight division.

Philip Hattersley vs. Samuel Nolasco in the lightweight division.

Joey Corona vs. Cesar Moreno in the lightweight division.

Omar Diaz vs. Leo Ramos in the bantamweight division.

Alex Badovinac vs. Robert Holson in the bantamweight division.

Michael Gall vs. Rene Baiz in the bantamweight division.

Andres Villanueva vs. Jonathan Sellers in the lightweight division.

Andrew Santillan vs. Frankie Berlanga in the lightweight division.

Ozvalvo Higareda vs. Nicholas Sanchez in the lightweight division.

Lloyd Mathiesen vs. Bruno Casillas in the light heavyweight division.

Daniel Wehner vs. Daniel Garcia in the flyweight division.

The doors to CFC 3: Reign of Terror open at 4 pm and action commences at 6 pm. For tickets, visit:


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