Kyle Kolod Debuts at TTC 15 Versus Joshua Dim

The Titans Cage (TTC) is moving their next event, TTC 15 on April 15, 2017, to the McClellan Conference Center, but, even in a venue with a greater capacity, it’s going to be difficult to contain the star power confined in each bulging muscle of Joshua Dim.

With only two bouts under his belt, Dim has displayed his dominance by tallying a pair of first-round TKO stoppages. Although Dim resembles a statue carved from marble, his talents as an amateur mixed martial artist on the rise continue being sculpted alongside Team Alpha Male.

Pulling the short straw of the featherweight division—though happy to do so, Kyle Kolod’s MMA debut won’t compare to many others. Traveling from Team Shinsetu Ten in Mammoth Lake to meet Dim in the middle of the McClellan Conference Center will feel like rolling a boulder back up the mountain Kolod just came from, but he’s up to the challenge.

In the ultimate case of David versus Goliath at 145-pounds, fight fans from around Northern California should attend TTC 15 to discover whether Dim furthers his shine under the bright lights.

According to (link here), the remainder of TTC 15’s card includes:

Curtis Gomez vs. Eduardo Perez in the heavyweight division.

Gabriel Pacheco-Dolce vs. Nicholas Dillman for the TTC Welterweight Title.

Jordan Vazquez vs. David Klingsheim in the bantamweight division.

Kyle Kolod vs. Joshua Dim in the featherweight division.

Bobby Seronio III vs. Doug Reynolds in the bantamweight division.

Samuel Wooten vs. Khai Wu in the featherweight division.

Luke Barrington vs. Mike Howard in the bantamweight division.

David Skuba vs. Amir Kazemi in the lightweight division.

Stefan MacDonaold vs. John Wilson in the welterweight division.

Julius Wright vs. Jamerson Johnson in the lightweight division.

Richard Taifane vs. Matt Zonfrello in the super heavyweight division.

Daniel Hicks vs. Anthony Lopez in the middleweight division.

Andrew Russo vs. Fred Yu in the lightweight division.

Zach Costa vs. Salvador Martinez in the middleweight division.

Kenny Tullgren vs. Kody Vogels in the lightweight division.

Carlos Figueroa vs. Shota Geperidze in the featherweight division.

Diego Bigelow vs. Solomon Valentine in the lightweight division.

John Saechao vs. Evan Walters in the flyweight division.

Eddie Smith vs. Brian Lenau in the super heavyweight division.


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