Geoffrey Stovall & Justin Davis Meet at 209 Beatdown II

A middleweight showdown between Geoffrey Stovall and Justin Davis is scheduled to occur at 209 Beatdown II on April 29, 2017, and it’s a sure bet: they’re both eager to return to their winning ways.

In his last outing, Stovall was defeated in the first-round by way of submission. Fighting out of Stockton, California, it’s a safe bet: Stovall will stand his ground on his home turf.








Davis, another recipient of a defeat in his previous visit to the cage, will press the pace in hopes of having his hand raised. As the visitor from San Jose, Davis may use the role of an outsider as motivation.







This fight is one to not miss, so you better not blink because you’ll miss something spectacular. To discover which 185-pound mass of mixed martial artist floats to the top, ensure a seat at the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium on April 29th by visiting:

According to (link here), the entire fight card at 209 Beatdown reads as:

Chris Burton vs. Daniel Osequera for the 209 Beatdown Featherweight Title.

Esley Colson vs. Ismael Romero Pugh for the 209 Beatdown Middleweight Title.

Frank Farmer vs. Flemate for the 209 Beatdown Welterweight Title.

Geoffrey Stovall vs. Justin Davis in the middleweight division.

Robert Davis vs. Eddie Leyva in the middleweight division.

Solomon Valentine vs. Brandon Olson in the lightweight division.

Khai Wu vs. Miguel Alvarez in the featherweight division.

Anthony Gonzalez vs. Ismael Carranza in the welterweight division.

Jamerson Johnson vs. Jorge Landeros in the lightweight division.

Casey Davis vs. Rodney Thomas in the cruiserweight division.

Robert Caruthers vs. Olin Pettit Jr. in the featherweight division.


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