Justin Baesman: A Career Defining Proposition

By @DaveMMAdden

Every round a mixed martial artist invests inside a locked cage, they gamble their set of skills opposite another. In the case of Justin ‘The Raw Deal’ Baesman (19-12-1), he’s pushed all the chips of his career—and then some—into the center of the table for an opportunity to stand across from Angel ‘The Dream’ DeAnda (17-5) for a third time and reconnect with the Global Knockout (GKO) Middleweight Championship.

The history between Baesman and DeAnda dates back to May 19, 2016, when ‘The Dream’ launched Baesman’s path into a nightmarish losing streak at Tachi Palace Fights 27: Mayhem. More recently, the rematch on March 18, 2017 at GKO 9 propped a bookend on Baesman’s four-fight skid and cost one of Northern California’s most recognized faces in the sport GKO’s 185-pound strap.

Following the second-round TKO stoppage and watching his belt be wrapped around the waist of DeAnda, Baesman struggled to digest the situation without considerable heartburn. Prior to relinquishing the title at GKO 9, the product of Fightkore MMA was forced to earn, and immediately defend, the middleweight strap in ten rounds of non-stop action against Nick ‘Killshot’ Kohring (10-2).

In a high-stakes plea, Baesman posted on Instagram: a deal too rich to not entice the area’s fight fans and GKO’s promoter and matchmaker, Jose Cortez. He wrote:

“My last three fights for Global Knockout have been main event title fights,” Baesman began after offering a heartfelt thanks to all his supporters. “I went up a weight class and fought their (GKO’s) undefeated Middleweight Champion, Nick Kohring, and after twenty-five minutes of war, I was the new champion. They (GKO) gave him (Kohring) an instant rematch, and after another twenty-five minute war, I was still the champion; one of my best performances to date.” After laying out the premise, he continued, “Last week, I fought Angel DeAnda, a former heavyweight champion and light heavyweight champion, who is now the middleweight champion for GKO. I’m hoping Jose Cortez and the executives at GKO will give me the instant rematch as well on August 5, 2017 at GKO 10.” Not only is Baesman banking on his wishes pixelating into reality, the recently uncrowned champ seasoned the idea, rolling the dice of a thirty-two fight stint as a professional, “I’m willing to put my career on this fight. If they (GKO) give me the instant title fight rematch and I lose, I will retire; no Michael Jordan, really retire.” To sweeten the deal, Baesman concluded with words pointed directly at DeAnda, “If you’re going to talk trash, I’m not playing along, so put your money where your mouth is. I’ll bring $1,000 to the event!”

Baesman’s entire post reads:

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!!!!!!!!MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!! First and foremost I'd like to thank everyone for the love and support I receive here on Facebook, from my family, friends, training partners, sponsors, coaches, fights fans…all the the likes, shares and comments are very much appreciated!! #BLESSED #FIGHTFAMILY My last three fights for Global Knockout have been -Main Event- Title Fights! I went up a weight class and fought their undefeated middle weight champion,Nick. K_ 10-0, after 25 minutes of war I was the new champion, they gave him a instant rematch and after another 25 minute war, I was #ANDSTILL the champion & one of my best performances to date #BLOODBATH #RAWDEAL #YOUREALLYHAVETOLOVETHIS Last week I fought Angel De Anda a Former heavy weight champion and former light heavy weight champion, now the middle champion for #GKO…., I'm hoping Jose Cortez & Www.globalknockout.com will give me the instant rematch aswell on 8/5 #GKO10 …(my announce is ),I'm willing to put my career on this fight, if they give me the Instant title fight rematch and I lose ,I WILL RETIRE – no Micheal Jordan. Really retire- So please everyone involved please give me the opportunity to redeem myself, I'm in this for the challenge for the growth and to do big things to help take care of my family. Thats how much confidence i have in my abilities, obviously I'm confident enough to fight injured or short notice or just in general!, I've fought UFC vets , Bellator MMA vets & BMMA'S former champion on Spike & other big names ,I've paid my dues 21-12-1_ 4 time champion in two weight classes ! blessed to have over 30 professional fights ! I'm blessed to have two amazing daughters/their mother and her family ,I work for the army Base full time and I hold a second job as as maintenence man,I've worked fulltime my whole fight career, I have such an amazing family and really close friends that I'm truly thankful for, so even when I lose in the cage I'm winning everyday in life ,#BETHANKFUL #LIFEISSHORT #WEONLYGETTHISONELIFE #KNOWWHATYOUREFIGHTINGFOR Deanda if your going to talk trash, I'm not playing along this time ,put your money where your mouth is ,I'll bring 1k to the event!

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Baesman presented a compelling case and heightened the level of intrigue surrounding a trilogy with DeAnda. What do you think? Should Baesman’s request be granted. Vote below:



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