CFC 3: Results & Recap

By @foxwithya

Conquer Fighting Championships (CFC), a promotion in Northern California that is leading the way in MMA, put together a memorable night of action in their third event, CFC 3.

Main Event: Fabricio Guerreiro vs. Efrain Escudero

The main event featured URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championships) Champion, Fabricio Guerreiro, versus UFC TUF season 8, winner, Efrain Escudero. Escudero dominated Guerreiro on the ground in all three rounds.

Both fighters traded in the pocket at the beginning of every round; however, round after round, Escudero committed to taking Guerreiro to the canvas without hesitation. Guerreiro, a first-round submission artist, had no answers while Escudero controlled him in the top position. The opening round ended with Escudero on top, landing big shots with his left hand while simultaneously trapping Guerreiro’s arm underneath him with the other. Guerreiro’s only highlight of the night was when he landed a beautiful hip toss in the second round, trying desperately to get off the cage but, once again, ended the round on his back. In the closing round, Escudero attempted to finish Guerreiro in the final minute, landing several shots while on top. Guerreiro, tough as nails, covered up and survived the flurry. Escudero won via unanimous decision.

Deron Winn vs. Mike Morales

In the co-main event, the Bay Area’s fight fans, and those at home on FloCombat, got to witness the pro debut of Deron Winn. Winn took a light heavyweight bout at CFC 3 against Mike Morales, a striker with 5 knockout wins. At the sound of the bell, Deron immediately moved forward, shot in for a double-leg, hoisted Morales up and slammed him onto the canvas. The fight was over after Winn landed several unanswered shots. Winn’s debut victory ended in twenty-eight seconds. The crowd was in a state of shocked silence, before erupting into a deafening cheer.

NorCal MMA’s Fight of the Night

One of the more exciting fights of the night goes to Jordan Bailey, out of MMAGOLD, versus Bren O’Neal, who fights out of El Nino Training Center.

Since Bailey hadn’t tasted any action in over a year, he bounced around and seemed excited to get started and remained enthusiastic until the end of the fight. The same went for Bren O’Neal, but he seemed calm and relaxed for a fighter who hadn’t entered a cage for all of 2016.

At the start of round one, O’Neal casually stepped forward while Bailey introduced him with a jab; he was having fun in the cage, shaking and dancing around. O’Neal kept moving forward, eating Bailey’s strikes and kicks. O’Neal, at one point, turned around and told the crowd to stop telling him what to do because he needed to hear his corner. O’Neal caught Bailey with a head kick, but Bailey returned the favor with a body kick, briefly dropping O’Neal. Bailey threw combinations to end the first round.

In the second round, Baily opened with a head kick. O’Neal continued to move forward, waiting to nail Bailey with one solid punch.   O’Neal was more active in the second round, but it still wasn’t enough to stop Bailey. Bailey continued to throw jabs and push O’Neal back throughout the round.

In the third round, Bailey looked fresh, bouncing around waiting to get started. O’Neal, behind on the scorecard, needed to finish Bailey to win this fight. In this round, it was Bailey who started to eat shots from O’Neal. O’Neal, finally, found his range and showed his power, and he eventually cut Bailey with a solid strike. Bailey’s cut above the eyebrow was bothering him, and his movement slowed. O’Neal chased after him, landing combination after combination; he knew Bailey had been hurt. It was only a matter of time. Bailey took O’Neal down to stop his momentum and attempted one submission after another. O’Neal ended up in the top position, landing shots in Bailey’s guard. Soon, they returned to their feet, and O’Neal shot in for a last-ditch effort; Bailey sprawled to end the round.

What a fight! Both athletes showed a lot of heart and talent. Bailey won via unanimous decision.

CFC 3’s Results Include:

Pro Card

Efrain Escudero defeated Fabrício Guerreiro via unanimous decision.

Deron Winn defeated Mike Morales via TKO at :28 of Round 1 .

Jordan Bailey defeated Bren O’Neal via unanimous decision.

Roger Serverson defeated Radames Garcia via split decision.

Thomas Diagne defeated Tony Fox via unanimous decision.

Windson Ramos and Fard Mohammed was ruled a double DQ.

Alex Lopez defeated Wesley McCraken via TKO at 5:00 of Round 1.

Aarason Perry defeated Richard Rigmaden via TKO at 1:19 of Round 1.

Jumoke Hunter defeated Aaron Hamilton via unanimous decision.

Amateur Card

Jamie Mora defeated Jorge Lima via unanimous decision.

Ignacio Ortiz defeated Paul Rath via TKO at 1:15 of Round 1.

Joseph Kropschot defeated Diego Lopez via unanimous decision.

Yayha Saad defeated Tony Gonzalez via unanimous decision.

Gavin Hallinan defeated Akili Bean via submission (RNC) at 1:55 of Round 1.

Alberto Mendez defeated Denali Bell via TKO at :28 of Round 3.

If, for some reason, you missed any of the action inside the Craneway Pavilion, you’ll want to login to FloCombat and watch the replay. Stay connected with CFC as they gear up for Conquer 4 on June 24th.


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