Benito Lopez Announces His Withdrawal From KOTC: Crunch Time

By @DaveMMAdden

Benito ‘ The Golden Boy’ Lopez (6-0), a young bantamweight climbing the ranks amongst Northern California’s elite prospects , recently announced, via Facebook, his decision to pull out of the headlining slot versus Ricky Simon (8-1) at King of the Cage (KOTC): Crunch Time on March 18, 2017.

“Hey everyone, I have very unfortunate news. I got sick a few weeks ago and have not been able to be in the gym and train,” Lopez began. “I’m on one of the biggest fight teams in the world and couldn’t risk getting any of my teammates sick who had big fights coming up. At this point, I wouldn’t be able to perform to the best of my abilities, to give you guys the show you deserve. So unfortunately, I won’t be fighting March 18th,” he sadly reported. “I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. I will be back. Thank you guys for your loyalty and support.”

In a pair a previous visits to KOTC’s royal proving ground, Lopez produced highlight reel victories before the curtain closed on the first frame. At last year’s KOTC: Home Turf, he turned the lights out on Rick James in eight-seconds, and his next opponent, Journey Newson, caused Lopez to break a bit of a sweat before the referee was forced to yank him from Newson’s limp body.

Born and raised in Oroville and sharpened into a deadly mixed martial artist at Team Alpha Male, ‘The Golden Boy’ has a reputation of packing the Gold Country Casino when KOTC rolls into his neck of the woods; hence, Lopez’s friends, family, and teammates were flat-lined when they received word that he wouldn’t be competing at KOTC: Crunch Time.


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