Grace Buchan and Salma Del Real Earn Fight of the Night at Cagebound FC: Unsettled Business

15936688_1178896315491920_561775972506661283_oJaw-dropping knockouts and unexpected submissions unhinge spectators from their seats, but nothing pumps the blood more feverishly than a back-and-forth war of attrition.

Before the bell at Cagebound Fighting Championship: Unsettled Business ordered business to begin between amateur bantamweights Grace ‘Braveheart’ Buchan (1-0) and15974859_1178895612158657_1428221718253068788_o Salma Del Real (0-3), the atmosphere inside the Modesto Centre Plaza on January 7, 2017, even during introductions, summarized the tale of events.

As Donald De Noyer, Cagebound FC’s ring announcer, welcomed Del Real to those in attendance, a slight scowl scrolled across the face of Team Take Flight’s visitor from Salinas as she readied for release from her corner, suggesting an passionate desire to scrap. On the opposite end of the cage, a deafening roar met the hometown favorite, a debutant to the sport out of Dynamic MMA. The raucous atmosphere backing Buchan’s every move forecasted the storm Del Real would be forced to weather for all six minutes.

Round 1

15895625_1178895775491974_5177687100474744549_oAt the fight’s onset, Buchan was light on her feet as she executed a perfectly strategized brawl. Once Buchan caught Del Real on the end of several shots, it was evident the visitor from Team Take Flight wouldn’t back down, and she constantly sought opportune windows to open a counter-attack. With time winding down, the two collided into a clinched position against the fence where Buchan refused to allow Del Real to budge.

Round 2

To start the second, Buchan’s feints weren’t baiting Del Real to bite; therefore, she implemented a powerful arsenal of kicks, tenderizing her opponent’s thigh. Even wrapped in shin guards, the thunderous force of energy rippled throughout the Modesto Centre Plaza. Although Buchan threw fewer punches, a straight right hand snapped Del Real’s head back and pushed the decibel level into the red. The middle frame concluded as a mirror image of the first, with Buchan attempting to press Del Real through the holes in the cage.

Round 3

In round three, Buchan displayed a high-degree of well roundedness as a rookie, balancing the use of her hands and feet. Approximately halfway through the round, Buchan hacked at Del Real’s leg with a heavy kick, which removed her from a standing position, and she didn’t waste a breath before following Del Real to the canvas. Half-guard wasn’t enough for Buchan, so she muscled her leg free and moved to the mount.15940464_1838775956411217_5957119313698181431_n
With time winding down, the sound of the ten-second clapper was muffled by the screams of Buchan’s supporters, encouraging a strong finish of hammer-fists that pumped like pistons into Del Real’s unbreakable face.

While the contest featuring the only females on the card unanimously pointed in Buchan’s behalf, Northern California’s fight fans were enthralled by their Fight of the Night efforts and eagerly await the return of both 135-pound warriors.


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