Jordan Bailey X Bren O’Neal at CFC 3

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-1-18-27-pmA New Year means news beginnings for two Northern California lightweights: Jordan Bailey (5-3) and Bren ‘The Last Real One’ O’Neal (2-0) in the third installment of Conquer Fighting Championships (CFC), CFC 3.

Both Bailey and O’Neal were sidelined during 2016, so anyone watching CFC 3, either around the cage with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop or stealing peeks through the windowed walls of the Craneway Pavilion, will witness a pair of mixed martial artists starving for competition.

jordan-bailey-cfc-3In early November, Bailey’s walkout music hit the speakers, but before the referee could order a start to action at West Coast Fighting Championships 18, a melee in the stands forced CSAC (California State Athletic Commission) to call a halt to the evening’s entertainment. Remaining focused on his resolutions as a prizefighter since turning pro in 2013, the recently welcomed addition to MMAGOLD’s fight team wasn’t brought down by the unfortunate circumstance and immediately turned his attention toward O’Neal. Currently, Bailey rides a two-fight losing streak, and CFC 3 may be the charm to return to his career to its winning ways.

In a sport pulling more and more Xs and Os from the WWE’s playbook, especially in recent memory, O’Neal, as ‘The Real One,’ will emerge in the center of ‘The Steel Colosseum’bren-oneal-cfc-3 to remind spectators: MMA is as real as it gets. After a year of watching his teammates at El Nino Training Center discover success in cages around the world, O’Neal is chomping at the bit to defend the backyard of his Bay Area gym. Targeting a third TKO in a row, the fond memories of his last crushing win at CFC 1, injuring his opponent in the second round to the point he couldn’t continue, propel O’Neal forward.

Gaining traction as the region’s fastest rising fight promotion in the region, CFC will quench the thirsty desires of Bailey and O’Neal to assess their skill-sets, as well as the thirst fight fans have for blood, at CFC 3.


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