NorCal’s Amateurs Handled Business at Cagebound FC: Unsettled Business

cover-cagebound-fcWhen a group of twenty, amateur mixed martial artists appeared, two by two, before a raucous crowd inside the Modesto Centre Plaza on January 7, 2017, they had business to settle at Cagebound Fighting Championship: Unsettled Business. Though a card originally slated to feature fifteen fights slimmed down to ten, zero ounces of exhilaration were subtracted from the event when competitors, spanning no experience under their belt to those making a case for a move to the pros in a battle for Cagebound FC’s vacant cruiserweight strap, were draped in six-ounces of C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) regulated leather and prepared to bite down on their mouthpiece.

Main Event: Richard Treas vs. Kenosha Saunders for the Cagebound FC Cruiserweight Title.

After a long night awaiting their opportunity to stand before everyone circling the cage 15935366_1492343124110708_291495358_oas Cagebound FC’s main event, Treas and Saunders punctuated the show for the Cagebound FC Cruiserweight Title with a bold exclamation point.

All ten fingers weren’t necessary when counting seconds before the finish, but Treas had them all balled into powerful fists that connected to the jawline of Saunders. The hometown pop Treas received while walking out red-lined when Saunders’ body toppled to the canvas; moreover, the roar reached a crescendo when, nine-seconds later, the referee waved off the action. The knockout Treas delivered to the visitor from Joe Stevenson’s Cobra Kai in Victorville allowed him to erase the vacancy on Cagebound FC’s cruiserweight belt and find a place for the lustrous hardware on the wall of his Modesto gym: Dynamic MMA.

NorCal MMA’s Performances of the Night

Of course, every competitor glowed with flashes of brilliance under Cagebound FC’s bright lights and deserves praise, but several performances revved the heart rate of onlookers to a higher RPM. NorCal MMA’s awards for Submission of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Fight of the Night include:

Submission of the Night: Brandon Olson






Knockout of the Night: Richard Treas








Fight of the Night: Grace Buchan vs. Salma Del Real







Cagebound FC Results Include:

Omar Diaz defeated Alex Badovinac in round 2 (1:24) by way of rear-naked choke.







Solomon Valentine defeated Spencer Murray in round 1 (:29) by way of guillotine choke.







Cesar Moreno defeated Anthony Gonzalez by way of unanimous decision.







Tyler Escoto defeated Rudy Revillas in round 1 (:29) by way to TKO.








Laird Anderson defeated Richard Mendez in round 3 (:16) by way of TKO.







Brandon Olson defeated Conan Orozco in round 1 (1:32) by way of rear-naked choke.






Grace Buchan defeated Salma Del Real by way of unanimous decision.







Matt Zonfrello defeated Eddie Smith in round 1 (1:13) by way of TKO.







James Gilley defeated Oliver Pryor in round 1 (:28) by way of KO.







Richard Treas defeated Kenosha Saunders in round 1 (:09) by way of KO.








If, for some reason, you didn’t attend Cagebound FC: Unsettled Business, Northern California’s crowd of MMA connoisseurs are bound to miss the all-amateur promotion’s return to the Modesto Centre Plaza unless they mark their calendars for April 15, 2017.



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