GKO 9: Don’t Anticipate Three Rounds for Tyler Diamond’s Third Visit to GKO

Following two walk-off home runs at the previous events held by Global Knockout (GKO), Tyler Diamond (6-0) may suggest he has two strikes against him. As Diamond prepares for his springtime return at GKO 9 against Ran Weathers (18-25), fight fans can ensure: every slam and haymaking hook seeks to end the contest before all fifteen minutes of regulation expire.

After launching his professional career with four straight finishes, Diamond entered an unknown world when contracting his handiwork with GKO—at GKO 7 and 8, having to absorb the opinions of the officials sitting cage side. Though both wins were screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-8-32-54-am
unanimously in Diamond’s favor and the appeal of his aggressive style hadn’t lost any of its vivid color, he’d prefer, as a consummate perfectionist, to kill his prey without the use of scorecards.

At GKO 7, the native of Oroville met his tropical adversary: Edward Thommes (4-2), a tough Hawaiian who truly tested the hardness of Diamond’s mental fortitude and exterior. Neither of these undefeated featherweights, with four wins apiece at the time, wanted to hatch a 1 in their loss column, and they shined as future stars in GKO’s outdoor venue. In the end, the judges agreed: Diamond’s sparkle dazzled their senses and awarded him the overwhelming victory.

Several months later, Diamond resurfaced on the grounds of Jackson Rancheria Casino & Resort at GKO 8. His opponent, Cody ‘The Crow’ Walker (8-6), was a late replacement with a mile’s worth of reach over Diamond and nearly three times the experience. The mystery of how Walker even reached the 145-pound limit was only outdone by Diamond’s ability to get inside and implement his own game plan. Mirroring his efforts at GKO 7, Diamond’s tenacious Team Alpha Male pressure left his opposition battered and bloody, earning him another win by way of decision.

The next name on Diamond’s hit list is Weathers, a product of Albuquerque, New Mexico with seven times the amount of experience; therefore, tyler-diamondGKO 9 on March 18, 2017 is Diamond’s opportunity to stop his opposition in their tracks and prove with great clarity: he’s a cut above the rest.



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