Cagebound FC: Which Amateurs Are Bound For the Next Level on January 7th?

15622421_1473283809349973_8448927685152117180_nA new year in mixed martial arts, which means fresh faces will emerge from Northern California’s pool of amateur fighters.

On January 7, 2017, Cagebound Fighting Championship, at Cagebound FC: Treas vs. Saunders, invites 26 competitors to pair off and dance in the middle of the Modesto Centre Plaza. From first-timers to those on the precipice of trading in two-ounces of leather for a ton of pressure to shoulder as professionals, war will ensue. The athletes featured at Cagebound FC intend on delivering jaw-dropping performances, proving they’re bound for cages on grander stages in the future, so you won’t want to miss a moment of the action.

According to C.A.M.O. (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) (link here), the fight card at Cagebound FC includes:

Richard Treas vs. Kinosha Saunders in the heavyweight division.

Oliver Pryor vs. James Gilley in the heavyweight division.

Matt Zonfrello vs. Eddie Smith in the heavyweight division.

Nick Duncan vs. Anthony Lopez in the light heavyweight division.

Christian Quinonez vs. Anthony Hubbard in the welterweight division.

Tyler Escoto vs. Ronny Oyler in the welterweight division.

Robert Holson vs. Cesar Moreno in the featherweight division.

Brandon Olson vs. Conan Orozco in the featherweight division.

Richard Mendez vs. Laird Anderson in the featherweight division.

Omar Diaz vs. Alex Badovinac in the bantamweight division.

Rudy Revillas vs. Joseph Soto in the welterweight division.

Grace Buchan vs. Salma Del Real in the bantamweight division.

Spencer Murray vs. Solomon Valentine in the welterweight division.

Doors open at 4 pm, fights begin at 6 pm, and you should expect to be riveted to your seat until the main event’s official decision is belted over the speakers by Don DeNoyer, Cagebound FC’s ring announcer.

Check out the preview for this event:

For more information about this event, connect with CFC at:


Instagram: @official_cagebound_fighting



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