Joseph Morales Vs. Jordan Espinosa: Flyweights With A Heavy Pressure On Their Shoulders at GKO 9

15369947_1518995908128726_4851931908442514670_oThe flyweight belt at Global Knockout (GKO) found a rightful owner at GKO 8, and the conclusion of GKO 9’s main event on March 18, 2017 will reveal whether the 125-pound strap stays near its new Northern California home or travels to New Mexico when Joseph ‘Bopo’ Morales (7-0) defends his title against Jordan Espinosa (9-4)

November 19, 2016 marks the day Morales planted his Team Alpha Male flag into 15122971_1496864267008557_1333300612779292411_oGKO’s Flyweight Title, defeating Josh Paiva (8-2) by way of unanimous decision. With a well-rounded game, strong enough to crush diamonds, Morales manipulated every position to his advantage and exited the cage ten-pounds heavier and prepared to offer the vacant GKO belt residence in his team’s lair, a gym glowing with champions.

Playing the role of spoiler isn’t anything new to Espinosa. He also added, like Morales, some championship hardware to his resume after a unanimous decision win over Brett Roller (10-11), 12038517_906626739424801_3964289760464816227_nwrapping himself in the Rocky Mountain Bantamweight Title. Traveling by plane from Luttrell’s MMA in New Mexico to Jackson Rancheria Casino & Resort for GKO 9, Espiona’s high from a five-fight win-streak flew at an even greater altitude.

Currently, Tapology ( ranks Morales as the second best flyweight in ‘The Golden State,’ and Espinosa is at the top of the list from the boxy borders of his Southwestern territory. Whether the contest occurred in the regional setting, such as GKO 9, or on a worldwide stage, the careers of Morales and Espinosa were destined for a collision course.


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